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The L‑Acoustics Group ensures market leadership for premium audio experiences. Thinking globally and acting locally, we support controlled and sustainable growth through technological innovation. Our industrial expertise is supported by outstanding employees and leading service providers worldwide.

An International Group

Our Ambitions

We shape the future of sound and our own future by thinking differently, encouraging new ideas and high performance to achieve sustainable success for our partners and employees.

An interview with Laurent Vaissié and Hervé Guillaume, sharing their common ambition to shape our journey for an exciting future.

What are the key assets for developing ambition?

Laurent Vaissié: We employ a forward-thinking culture of innovation anchored by a solid foundation of over 35 years of proven expertise in R&D, manufacturing, product design, and quality excellence.

We shape the future of sound and our own future by thinking differently, encouraging new ideas, setting trends, and not following them.

We are never afraid of challenging the conventional status quo, learning, or adapting to improve. That is our DNA. We are recognized widely in the industry and beyond – evidenced by L‑Acoustics being selected as one of the top 10 most innovative live event companies in the world. Our agility and innovation are key assets. Our role is to ensure that the transformation underway remains true to our culture and mission.

Hervé Guillaume: Indeed, Laurent and I are the gate-keepers, missioned by Christian Heil, to ensure that the L‑Acoustics DNA and unique culture built over 35 years continue to guide all of us to face any future challenges.

Our industry – and way of life – was challenged by an unforeseen and unprecedented crisis that will for sure affect both our business and operations.

We believe in our ability to rebound through leadership and creative energies to turn this situation into an opportunity that shapes the future of sound.

What do you envision for the future?

Hervé Guillaume: We think our future will intrinsically link to our ability to adapt to changing demands. We are constantly reshaping our supply chain operations, improving our design tools’ efficiency, and adapting our HR and communication resources.

We must reimagine our business in many ways and organize our teams to develop innovation, education, and new markets.

Laurent Vaissié: When we talk about reimagining our business, it’s also through exploring the many facets of the premium listening experience, from the world’s biggest stages to the most extraordinary private sound spaces.

And preparing our business for the next challenges and opportunities of today’s digital age, managing and growing our brand, expanding our outreach and relationships, developing online education, and learning how to stay connected and build together while we’re distant.

The current context accelerated our need for this digital transformation and demonstrated our strong capacity to remain closely linked despite the distance. We strongly believe this aptitude is how we will shape our journey to reach the next performance level and an even more exciting future.

The Executive Management Team

L‑Acoustics is a privately-owned company with all decisions and strategic operations managed by our executives. This passionate team of doers and thinkers lays the foundation for a healthy, loyal, and collaborative working environment.
Christian Heil
President and Founder
Hervé Guillaume
CEO L‑Acoustics Group
Laurent Vaissié
CEO L‑Acoustics
Christophe Combet
Executive Director of Research & Development
Vincent Delaunay
Executive Director of Administration & Finance
Anne Hamlett
Chief People Officer
Thibaut Jouanin
Executive Director of Transformation & Industry
Genio Kronauer
Executive Director of Electronics & Networks Technologies
Guillaume Le Nost
Managing Director L‑Acoustics Ltd. UK & Executive Director of Creative Technologies
Cédric Montrézor
Executive Director of Application Project