Thibaut Jouanin

Executive Director of Transformation & Industry

Thibaut Jouanin is responsible for taking Research and Development concepts and turning them into finished goods through industrial methods.

From sourcing materials to assembly to quality control and supply chain, Thibaut and his team ensure that the L-Acoustics promise of quality, reliability, and longevity is apparent in each finished product. He and his team continually search for improvements to elevate their operation’s efficiency.

Thibaut has over 20 years of manufacturing experience, starting as a Methods Engineer to leading the L-Acoustics Group Industrial Team. Previously, he worked for a major international car manufacturer.

Born in Paris, Thibaut studied Engineering at Ecole Centrale after spending his childhood teaching himself to play drums and playing in a band with his friends. He lives in Paris-Saclay, France, and spends his spare time drumming in a jazz/rock group and playing various sports.