Vision & Foundation

Since 1984, the L‑Acoustics teams have reinvented the beauty of sound through innovation and emotion.

Through our dedication to innovation and product design excellence, we shape the future of sound with technologies that enable audio professionals and artists to elevate the listener experience.

We have been shaping the future of sound since 1984

We are artisans of sound in all its beauty, revealing meaning and emotion.

A defining conversation with Christian Heil, President, sharing his vision of the future of sound

How do you define the L‑Acoustics ambition for tomorrow, and what is at stake?

When we talk about sound, we primarily use technical and technological vocabulary. For example, we talk about SPL (Sound Pressure Level), directivity, distortion, and throw. This terminology is essential to describe the work the L‑Acoustics teams have done over the last 30 years, but largely insufficient to describe sensory perception.

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Today, one of the challenges ahead for the L‑Acoustics Group is to evolve and reinvent our relationship to sound. By changing how we contemplate it, we shape what is to come – we open up new pathways to design and imagine the future of sound. This future implies a new way of describing and expressing ourselves about sound, of sharing its story to infuse it with life. If its conception only reinforces its invisible dimension, we relegate it to becoming merely a technical commodity. Our vocation, however, is not that of a technical service provider. We are artisans of sound in all its beauty, revealing meaning and emotion.

Our ambition for tomorrow is to offer a spatial dimension, a visual dimension, an emotional dimension. We aim to paint with sound, to move it, and allow it to shapeshift like a living organism to better connect with it. This new and more artistic aspect will define a three-dimensional sonic universe. It will deepen our connections to audio-visual artists and composers and will open up new horizons of creative collaboration.

What are your thoughts about the challenges faced by the industry?

If we look specifically at concerts, it seems important to underline the overwhelming areas reserved for imagery. Visuals and screens occupy most of the space. As for sound, it adapts, moves to the side, or tries to be discreet. This tendency has come to affect the artists themselves. While artists’ concerns often heavily rely on the visual, less attention is usually paid to the sound emanating from their sound system because they may not hear it. And on the other hand, they’re directly confronted with the imagery because it is behind them.

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From an anthropological and historical perspective, we are retinal beings and thus very sensitive to visual stimuli. Vision is dominant. Sound is noise. Often, it is considered a mere commodity. At worst, it is a nuisance or a form of pollution. This perception is worrying for the art inherent to shows or performances. Whereas sound is perceived as a warning signal of danger, our ambition is to transform it into a vector of emotion. For me, one of the biggest challenges for our industry lies in this paradigm shift.

Within the L‑Acoustics Group, this is what we aspire to daily. We are attached to the notion of experience, nourished by emotion. The experience we offer our clients is based on the concept of rediscovering this emotional, intellectual, and organic link with the beauty of sound. This was my dream when I founded this company. Around this vision, I have gathered the greatest experts and enthusiasts who – through our innovations – help weave this very authentic and sensory link with the beauty of sound.


The L‑Acoustics foundation is built around the principles of innovation and performance, taking a people-first approach with our operations, remaining environmentally conscious, and educating and elevating our teams and other audio industry professionals – all while supporting our passion for enhancing the arts and technologies.

Innovation & Performance

L‑Acoustics was founded around innovations that revolutionize the professional audio industry. “Simplicity through design” is our pragmatic and avant-garde approach to our technological developments. By cultivating daring and independent thinking with our teams, we succeed in building excellent products and services while remaining more efficient in our processes.

People First

Since the inception of L‑Acoustics, our company has always taken a people-first approach. We pay particular attention to our team members’ constitution and development, a key reason for our success. The L‑Acoustics Group is founded by exceptional people driven by passion and enthusiasm to work collaboratively and grow with the company. L‑Acoustics respects and values its employees by encouraging individual initiatives and contributions. We also foster diversity and refuse all forms of discrimination.


We promote sustainable sourcing and energy-saving practices by reducing the size and weight of our sound reinforcement system standards three-fold, thus reducing the impact of transportation and energy consumption on tours and festivals. Our products lead the industry in performance and reliability, reaching a lifespan of over ten years with regular use and maintenance, reducing the need for early replacement. Our vast worldwide network of certified partners in 80 countries provides a standardized local solution for global tours’ audio needs, reducing CO2 emissions caused by overseas transport of sound systems.

Education & Elevation

Beyond internal team training programs, we also foster education for those who appreciate music technology. Through our educational programs and initiatives, we strive to show that sound moves us in wonder and is essential to our culture. We value and promote furthering the education of our employees and industry professionals. We also foster creativity, innovative solutions, and cross disciplinary thinking to advance state of the art audio technology.

Culture Is Essential

Our technologies contribute to the development of cultural events by improving the quality of sound reproduction of live performances of all kinds. Our innovations in the service of art allow us to be a source of inspiration and creativity. Cultural self-expression through music and the arts is a fundamental human right and should be deemed essential worldwide. We support our partners, artists, musicians, performing arts professionals, and our employees in all of their creative endeavors.