Working at L‑Acoustics

L‑Acoustics provides a thriving creative playground for passionate individuals committed to elevating the audio experience through teamwork and personal achievement. A world of many possibilities where technology meets music and performing art, where diversity and original thinking are a source of inspiration and collective successes.

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The L‑Acoustics Mindset

We are a multifaceted company that combines a large corporation’s strengths with the flexibility of a start-up, an artisan approach that meets industrial strength, the creativity of the arts with the precision of technology, and a relaxed working environment with a commitment to performance.
The agility of a start-up
The structure of an international group
Our international group structure provides a strong backbone for successful cross-continental operations. And similar to a start-up, we remain agile and adaptable to any changing situation.
An artisan savoir-faire
Industrial strength
Each loudspeaker and electronic component receives handcrafted attention from our experts before meeting the strength of our industrial operations.
Creativity of the Arts
The precision of technology
As a key contributor to the Arts, sound design is a source of creativity and inspiration. Its high-end technologies also provide an infinite world of creative possibilities.
Relaxed working environment
A commitment to performance
For an enterprise company, our organizational culture is a constantly changing, employee-powered concept. Employees’ ideas and suggestions are shared and taken into account. And while our working environment is relaxed and creative, we are still dedicated and focused on exceeding performance expectations.


At L‑Acoustics we empower our people to develop the best version of themselves.

Discover the defining conversation with Anne Hamlett, Chief People Officer

As one of the most innovative companies in the world, we encourage our teams to express their full potential, continue to learn, and develop their skills and competencies. Our promise is to offer an environment where well-being, performance, positive collaboration, and team spirit are essential.

Our métiers, our teams, our strengths

Research & Development

R&D’s mission is to create and design ground-breaking sound system technologies and products for both hardware and software.

Our R&D team also collaborates with Application Design and other departments to develop innovative and high-performance sound systems while ensuring reliability and durability under intensive and demanding use.

Industrial Management

The Industrial team provides the link between our R&D and manufacturing teams with industrial activities that include manufacturing existing product ranges and new products, and processing capability/controls.

Application Design

The Application Design team bridges the gap between R&D and the Application Engineers. Through field testing and feedback from the Application Engineers, the Application Design team works with R&D to prioritize improvements and new developments for our products and software, ensuring that they fit our clients’ needs.

Application Project

The Application Project team provides operational support to our network of clients and end-users to guarantee their projects’ success at every stage through a premium customer experience. They provide sound system design support to venues, system engineers, audio consultants, and architects using our proprietary software: Soundvision. The Application Project team also provides on-site support to system and mixing engineers during festivals, tours, special events, musicals, and more.


Understanding, learning, sharing, and growing.

Our Education team sets the benchmark for how we relay and teach technical and scientific information. They investigate user-oriented research topics, create and disseminate reference education programs, and pass on our knowledge to our communities.

Business Development

The Business Development team leverages its expertise in market verticals to manage our global network of industry-leading partners, identify and support key projects, educate and help grow our clients’ businesses while elevating end-user listening experiences.


The Marketing team formulates and supervises our product marketing strategies from the early stages of product development to concept fruition.

This team covers market research, competitive analysis, product positioning, distribution agreements, pricing policies, distribution channel incentives, product information, and internal and external sales training, emphasizing features and benefits.

The Marketing team also works closely with the R&D and Application teams to bring valuable business perspectives during the development process.

Branding & Communications

The Branding & Communications team works cross-functionally to unlock new ideas and bring the L-Acoustics brand to life through consistency of look, voice, and messaging. Collaborating with various teams such as HR, Application Project, Marketing, and advising leadership, the team successfully executes campaigns, product launches, announcements, brand partnerships, events and demonstrates brand values through everyday interactions. As an in-house creative team, they’re responsible for spearheading the tone and flow of artistic direction, editorial content, design, and social channels.

Human Resources & Legal

The HR team is dedicated to recruiting outside talent and strengthening our employees’ skills within L‑Acoustics. Their objective is to find the right talent for the right job. They take care of L-Acoustics’ human capital by developing a more profound knowledge of our people’s competencies, skills, and expertise.

To ensure L-Acoustics’ success, our HR team makes sure each employee fully utilizes and expresses their full potential and contribution to the company.

Administration & Finance

The Administration and Finance team manages financial activities through Accounting and Controlling. They inform General Management of the financial health of the company, including our subsidiaries.

They also provide the company’s full picture through figures, reporting tables, and KPIs used to facilitate strategic decisions. Each team member’s role is to have a clear view of the day-to-day activities and predict and anticipate the future.

IT & Digital

The IT and Digital team is dedicated to providing and supporting digital tools and services adapted to our working ways. IT operations define, implement, and manage the Group IT infrastructures.

IT and Digital are in charge of design, creation, integration, and support of business software tools.

People stories

L‑Acoustics offers a wide range of opportunities for each of its employees. This unique mindset opens the door for new opportunities and the ability to design your professional path, just as it has done for these employees.

Discover the journey of Patricia & Thierry

Thirty-seven years of adventures and thirty-seven years of professional development: I am proud to belong to a group that places people at the heart of its transformation. The spirit that reigns within the Group and the level of accountability from which everyone can benefit are assets for every employee’s future.


I joined SIMEA in 1999 as a production operative. My involvement and determination have allowed me to grow. Today, I am proud to contribute with my teams to the development of a humane and innovative company in my painting and finishing manager position.


Discover the journey of Marcus & Jeanette

Having been with L‑Acoustics for over a decade, not only have I witnessed the positive changes and amazing growth of the company, but I have also been evolving on a professional and personal level. L‑Acoustics is more than a company that I work for, it is my inspiration and motivation. It is somewhere that I hold close to my heart.


Being at L‑Acoustics has been a great learning experience and has given me opportunities to respond to higher challenges. There’s a great amount of respect worldwide from everyone who uses our products, so when you step into this company, you’re stepping into some big shoes.


Discover the journey of Oksana

The L‑Acoustics Group allowed me to express my leadership and vision I had of my job by giving me new responsibilities. I arrived in 2011 as Sales Coordinator, then Project Manager before Head of Sales Coordination for the Europe and Asia regions. Today I manage a team of seven talented and creative women and support the organization in its stages of development.

Discover the journey of Maxime

After three years in the Paris region, it was time for me to find my roots! With the agreement of L‑Acoustics Group and Thierry Rieb, I was able to work for SIMEA while remaining in the group and especially in the countryside!

Discover the journey of Julie & Arnaud

When I joined the company as a Graphic Designer, I never imagined becoming a Manager. I’ve grown up with the Group without being bored for a single day in 14 years! The arrival of social media and L‑Acoustics Creations have changed the way we look at Communication. When trust is established, the means are there to flourish around large-scale projects.


I joined L‑Acoustics first as an IT Consultant for six months, then I was hired as a Project Manager / Network System Engineer. Seven months later, I was offered a position of Manager of a team of three, today we are a team of 14, so I had a rather fast and unusual course.
L‑Acoustics is a universe of real opportunities for everyone: Thuyen, a member of my team will pass Technical Lead, Jonathan will become Network Administrator. We have set up co-development team duos to quickly build up skills. With the international expansion experienced by the Group, in particular with the opening of Singapore, we do not arrive in the company just for one position; real development possibilities are available to us, I am the perfect example!


Discover the journey of Manuel

I joined the L‑Acoustics family as an intern almost 16 years ago now. My French had to be perfected at the time and I learned the language while working here. When I was younger I was passionate about music before my passion for electronics. Many years ago, I had a serious accident which required me to adapt my working environment, which the company has allowed me to implement, while developing my knowledge of electronics.
Today this universe holds no secrets for me as a Customer Service Technician.
I take great pleasure in sharing what I have learned with my colleagues. Knowing that for every concert in the world, there is my little touch, it makes me happy and proud. I hope to be able to entrust this know-how to future team members before I retire.

Our commitment for Diversity

Empowering women is a key priority for L-Acoustics. In 2022, our French Women Index reached a total of 62.

Life @ L‑Acoustics