Installation tools

Amplified controller power consumption and thermal dissipation

Nominal voltage :
1/8 max. power - Nominal SPL*IDLEStandby
Amplified controllers
All channels loaded
QuantityCurrent draw (A)Thermal load (W)Thermal load (BTU/hr)Current draw (A)Thermal load (W)Current draw (A)Thermal load (W)
LA12X2.7 Ω0000000
4 Ω0000000
8 Ω0000000
LA82.7 or 4 Ω0000000
8 Ω0000000
LA4X4 Ω or 8 Ω0000000
4Ω (in SE or PBTL mode)
8Ω (in BTL mode)
8Ω (in SE mode)
Processors and AVB switchTypicalIDLEStandby
L-ISA Processor0000000

* An eighth (1/8) of the maximum output power corresponds to a loud music program with a small dynamic range and 9 dB of headroom (IEC standard power rating)

Cable length acceptance criteria based on resulting SPL attenuation*

Speaker TypeN° enclosures in parallelCable gauge (mm²)Cable length (m)SPL Attenuation**

* This tool should be used for installation projects only.

** Averaged over 100 Hz to 10 kHz for full-range products ; Averaged over 40 Hz to 100 Hz for subwoofers