Christophe Combet

Executive Director of Research & Development

Passionate about sound and music since his childhood, Christophe Combet joined L-Acoustics after acquiring his MSc Degree in Fundamental Physics.

He is also passionate about product design, disruptive technology development, and pushing sound quality and performance boundaries.

As Executive Director of R&D, Christophe is in charge of the loudspeaker, electronics, and software innovation for L-Acoustics. He has been pivotal in aiding notable company milestones such as developing and introducing K1 and K2, the reference for large-scale events and stadiums, festivals, and touring worldwide.

His quest for the right concert sound as a musician has led him to understand that the sound system is as important as the musical instruments. This understanding aided his participation – joined by his music group Yapa – in the different stages of L-ISA technology’s live implementation with Syva and playback with Island and the Bubble technology format.