Genio Kronauer

Executive Director of Electronics & Networks Technologies

Hailing from Lahr, located in the Black Forest region of Germany, Genio naturally started his career in the audio industry since he began playing in bands and repairing equipment for professional sound reinforcement companies from the age of 14.

He founded the L-Acoustics electronics department in 2009, taking responsibility for the development of all electronic products, from hardware and firmware to DSP algorithms, testing, and networks. Keeping abreast with developments in technology, Genio steers the company’s electronics strategy and has built a team of engineers who ensure that the electronics that pilot L-Acoustics speakers guarantee the best sound and communicate seamlessly with the universe of production tools.

Genio has worked in the industry for over 30 years. A born entrepreneur, he founded his first company to develop audio electronics after receiving his electronics degree.

In 2000, he co-founded DFM, developing signal processing hardware for major international players in the audio domain. Through DFM, he began working with L-Acoustics in 2006 on the LA8 amplified controller project.

Genio is a keen keyboard player and, in 2014, began completely refurbishing an old cottage farm dating from 1860. He also enjoys reading and going on road trips to explore France.