L-Acoustics Sound System for The Voice South Africa


Broadcast Your Events in Perfect Clarity


High SPL Density 

Pristine Intelligibility 



Impeccable sound for live audiences present and remote 

For over three decades, L‑Acoustics has been the global leader in premium professional sound systems for live events and touring. Event professionals, audio engineers, and world-renowned touring artists who all require extreme reliability and fidelity show after show choose L‑Acoustics sound systems for their tours worldwide. 

L-Acoustics Sound Systenm for Sing! ,China
L-Acoustisc Sound System for the Eurovision

The perfect sound for any size and shape venue   

Our systems bring the clarity and impact that connects the fans with the artist’s performance in every seat of the house. From a left and right configuration to an immersive sound environment enveloping fans, we provide the right audio tools to create the most dynamic and impactful show for any venue – garnering fan satisfaction and awe for impressively emotive tours.   

Sound mixing made easier with L‑Acoustics 

Our 3D acoustical simulation with real-time mapping in coverage and delay modes provides the most precise sound system deployment, allowing the artist, sound engineers, and touring team to perform a memorable show with confidence – every time and at any venue. L‑Acoustics presents a full sound system deployment ecosystem that implements consistency and reliability for every performance day in and day out.

L-Acoustics Sound System at Studio 42
L-Acoustics' L-ISA Hyperreal Sound at Mount Paran Church

Your Sound Partner

Our integration partners and application teams provide support through every step of your project, from system design to calibration and training. Using our unique tools, we will work with you to build a comprehensive scope for your broradcast before anything is purchased or installed. 

L‑Acoustics Ecosystem

Power the sound for your broadcasts with our full ecosystem of premium sound products that deliver an exceptional sonic experience. We fulfill all your auditory needs with our loudspeakers, monitors, amplifiers, networking, sound system design, and calibration services.  

It was a complete success with L‑Acoustics, worthy of such a historical studio.

Maurice Latour

Sales Rep for Broadcast Applications, Solotech

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