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L-ISA Technology Immerses Art Fans at Beyond The Road Seoul 2021

Beyond The Road – Seoul 2021 is an immersive exhibition that kicked off in the summer of 2021 at The Hyundai Seoul’s ALT1 Gallery in Yeouido, western Seoul. The exhibit encompasses 33 different rooms, culminating with an immersive screening room. The project collaborates with creative producer Colin Nightingale, creative director Stephen Dobbie, and electronic music artist James Lavelle of the famed British band Unkle. Beyond the Road also includes works by artists from diverse fields such as Oscar-winning film directors Danny Boyle and Alfonso Cuarón, perfume designer Azzi Glasser, and multimedia artist Tupac Martir.

The Challenge

Sound designer Salvador Garza Fishburn and local promoter Ms. Jackson reached out to local L-Acoustics Certified Provider SeoulSound to help them create the immersive experience in the ALT.1 Gallery. Fishburn required an audio installation that would create and maintain an exciting, immersive audio experience throughout the 33 individual spaces of the show.

The Solution

Fishburn used the L-ISA Studio software suite on his laptop to prepare creative and technical immersive mixes for his sound design. The SeoulSound team ended up deploying over 90 L-Acoustics boxes throughout the space comprising 5XT, X8, X4i, and several L-Acoustics legacy monitors along with Syva Subs and SB18 subwoofers for extended low-end bandwidth. The miniature yet powerful X4i 4-inch coaxial speaker provided pristine sound for exhibits in ten of the smallest rooms and was installed in the entry walkway of the gallery and hallways connecting the rooms. One such hallway that featured an art installation of a graffiti-laden London public bus stop and phone booth was installed with three X4i, one eight-inch monitor, and a Syva Sub tucked under the bus stop seats.

The Result

Beyond The Road’s delivery of an immersive art experience where sound plays a key role is a success from both a technical and aesthetic standpoint. The exhibit team ramped up rapidly, using L-ISA technology to deliver a multi-sensory exhibition that reinforced visual impact with an equally engaging sound design, leaving an indelible mark on its audience.

Project photos

As visitors explore all the rooms with the array of exciting sights and sounds, we know that they are getting a uniform audio experience from L-Acoustics that will keep them immersed in the art from beginning to end.

Soon Il Yun

Managing Director, SeoulSound

Tech Brief

  • Four 5XT
  • 12 X8
  • 18 MTD108a
  • 47 X4i
  • Eight Syva Sub
  • Seven SB18
  • L-ISA Studio

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