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What is L-ISA Studio?

L‐ISA Studio is a 3D audio software suite that untethers sound creators from the studio, allowing them to mix object-based audio anywhere in binaural on headphones or up to 12 loudspeakers.

"A dream mixing tool"

8.5/10 - FutureMusic
L-ISA Studio - Awards

"L-ISA is stunning"

9/10 - MusicTech

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“We are very proud to present L-ISA Studio, the ultimate swiss army knife for anyone who creates with sound. Now, your object-based mix and immersive production can go anywhere you go! Your venue, be it real or imaginary, can come with you too. All you need is a pair of headphones and a laptop.
Your imagination is the limit.”

Sherif El Barbari
Director of L-ISA Labs
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