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L-Acoustics Delivers Vibrant Vibes to Caesars Palace Dubai’s Cove Beach L-Acoustics Delivers Vibrant Vibes to Caesars Palace Dubai’s Cove Beach...

A Series

Best-in-class S Series and A Series sound systems, deployed by Levels AV, offers sensational live entertainment for dining and themed parties at top lifestyle destination

DUBAI, UAE – September 2022 – Located on the world-famous Bluewaters Island at Caesars Palace Dubai, Cove Beach is an ultimate beach club experience boasting the one-of-a-kind Rosé Lounge restaurant surrounded by three pools, all set against the backdrop of the serene Arabian Sea. This stunning venue has recently been updated with an equally impressive L-Acoustics sound system, supplied by L-Acoustics Certified Provider Installer (CPI), Levels AV, to bring an elevated experience to visitors of one of Dubai’s most happening beach clubs.

Open seven days a week with a full program of music, dining, and live entertainment, pristine audio is integral to the overall success of the venue. “Cove Beach is not just a place; it’s an ultimate retreat for those who want to party or just relax and unwind,” explains Hassan Alwan, Managing Partner at Levels AV. “Music plays an essential role in achieving that goal.

“Levels AV designed and installed an audio system Cove Beach Abu Dhabi, and we continue to assist with event production there,” continues Alwani. “The Dubai venue had already been operational for several years, but we were aware that the team wasn’t completely satisfied with the design and sound quality of its previous audio system. They really wanted to enhance the sonic experience for their guests control, among other things. Becoming an L-Acoustics CPI presented the ideal opportunity to begin conversations with Cove Beach Dubai about how we could design a top-tier audio system to improve the guest experience.”

L-Acoustics X4 and 5XT help create a tranquil atmosphere at Cove Beach, Dubai’s pool area.

In addition to requiring best-in-class audio quality, Cove Beach Dubai was looking for the ability to create distinct experiences in different areas of the club. “The venue covers a large area which includes a restaurant, pool bar, three pools, and party areas, each with differing requirements for audio output and design aesthetic,” Alwan notes. “L-Acoustics X Series and A Series allowed us to present a diverse set of designs to achieve the objectives for each area.”

The final system design comprises compact X4 and 5XT cabinets for quieter areas at one pool, jacuzzi, and sun lounger area, as well as atreception. . Larger X8, paired with SB15 subwoofers, are installed in the lounge areas of the other two pools and the restaurant dining area. A15, A10, and X12, are paired with SB18 and KS21 subs for the livelier ‘party’ areas, such as the main dancefloor at Rosé Lounge. This was also the first project where Levels AV utilised L-Acoustics Syva to achieve wide dispersion and long throw coverage in the restaurant and beach-side areas.

L-Acoustics A15, A10 and X12 are paired with SB18 and KS21 subs in the lively ‘party’ areas of Cove Beach in Dubai
L-Acoustics A15, A10 and X12 are paired with SB18 and KS21 subs in the lively ‘party’ areas.

“The various L-Acoustics models ranging across X, A, and S Series, have improved the audio experience, offering consistent quality and coverage throughout the venue,” notes Levels AV partner and technical lead, Daniel BallAnd importantly for the technical team, the design has given them the fine-tuned control they were looking for.

Alwan concludes, “The new L-Acoustics sound system brings unforgettable live entertainment that elevates the dining experience and adds punch to the sensational weekly themed parties. This partnership has opened doors to a number of other beach club opportunities around Dubai and Ibiza, a testament to the satisfaction of the venue developer and management.”

L-Acoustics A15, A10 and X12 are paired with SB18 and KS21 subs in the lively ‘party’ areas.