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International Conference Center Hiroshima Transforms Sound Experience with New L-Acoustics Kiva II Professional Sound System International Conference Center Hiroshima Transforms Sound Experience with New L...

HIROSHIMA, Japan – July 2024 – Within the serene 120,000 square-metre Peace Memorial Park in downtown Hiroshima, Japan, the International Conference Center Hiroshima (ICCH) stands as a beacon of global dialogue and cultural exchange. Since its opening in 1989 this prestigious venue has hosted high-profile events, including the G7 Summit press conferences and the Tokyo Olympics Torch Relay Celebration. At its heart lies the 1,504-capacity Phoenix Hall, a versatile space that welcomes a diverse array of events throughout the year.

Despite its illustrious history, the ICCH faced a significant challenge. The subterranean Phoenix Hall’s aging professional sound system no longer met the exacting standards required for international conferences, academic meetings, and live performances. Full-range clarity was lacking, and coverage to balcony audience seats was notably reduced in SPL.

An audio solution with full-range clarity and speech intelligibility

“The Phoenix Hall hosts a variety of events, including classical music concerts, but is most often used for international conferences and academic meetings, where the clarity of sound and speech intelligibility are of the utmost importance,” explains Maki Shimizu of Shinomoto Shomei, who manages sound and lighting at the ICCH.

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, the ICCH team turned to L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor Bestec Audio. Together they embarked on a journey to design a system that would not only address the current challenges, but also elevate the venue’s audio capabilities to new heights.

Using L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D modelling software, Bestec Audio crafted a bespoke solution that met several requirements. The new system needed to provide even coverage throughout the hall without interfering with the acrylic soundboard above the stage proscenium, swiftly adapt to various staging and seating configurations, and ensure full coverage of the balcony seats.

A transformative audio experience

The result? A state-of-the-art L-Acoustics Kiva II professional sound system that has transformed Phoenix Hall’s audio experience. The main LCR system features nine Kiva II per hang, optimized to cover both ground floor and the first balcony seats. An additional L/R system of four Kara II per side serves the second balcony. For arena setups, the bottom Kiva II enclosures are deactivated to prevent sound spillage onto the larger stage area. In this configuration, three X12 boxes are added to cover audience seats behind the stage.

Additional X12 and X15 HiQ speakers ensure crystal-clear sound reaches balcony overhangs, while a mobile system of three L-Acoustics A10 Focus atop one KS21 subwoofer offers enhanced flexibility for live concerts. The entire system is driven by 12 LA4X amplified controllers installed in the hall’s control room, where Hiroki Shimizu, the hall’s professional PA system operator mixes with a pair of L-Acoustics 108P active monitors.

“It has become so much easier now since all the L-Acoustics speakers have the same sonic signature,” marvels Hiroki Shimizu. “Situations where there isn’t much time before a presentation or performance are common. Instead of doing a one-two check on the main PA, I can insert a high pass filter on the input channel of the microphone and adjust any channel that peaks with feedback,”

The new L-Acoustics system complements the ICCH’s already impressive technological infrastructure, which includes on-site transmission capabilities for speeches and presentations, simultaneous interpretation in up to six languages, and hybrid online streaming broadcast solutions.

World-class professional audio for a world-class venue

With this audio upgrade, the International Conference Center Hiroshima has solidified its position as a world-class venue. “Bestec efficiently provided a comprehensive audio solution for the ICCH,” Hiroki Shimizu concludes.  

“The brand-new L-Acoustics system delivered a world-class signature sound, consistent tone and ideal SPL throughout Phoenix Hall. We can eagerly continue hosting some of the world’s most momentous events right here in Hiroshima.”

As the ICCH embarks on this new chapter, it stands ready to amplify the voices of global leaders, artists, and thinkers, ensuring that every word and note resonates with clarity and impact throughout the historic Phoenix Hall.

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