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The George Tel Aviv Amplifies Luxury with an L-Acoustics Syva Concert Sound System in Its Jazz Hall The George Tel Aviv Amplifies Luxury with an L-Acoustics Syva Concert Sound Syst...

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – July 2024 – In the heart of Tel Aviv, a new standard of urban luxury has emerged. The George, a visionary project by Elco Hospitality, has redefined the concept of modern hospitality by seamlessly blending space, experience, and service into a holistic microcosm of city life. At the centre of this innovative urban oasis stands the Jazz Hall, recently elevated to new heights with the installation of an elegant, precise L-Acoustics Syva colinear concert sound system. 

The George Tel Aviv is more than just accommodation; it’s a carefully curated collection of seven essential urban experiences. With 170 rooms, including 37 designed for extended stays, an inspiring members club, four culinary destinations, versatile meeting spaces, and myriad leisure areas, The George caters to both locals and “temporary locals” – visitors seeking an authentic taste of Tel Aviv life. 

“We’ve created a space where the pulse of Tel Aviv beats strongest,” says Eyal de Leeuw of The George. “Our Jazz Hall embodies this vision, offering a luxurious setting for daily musical journeys. To complement the exquisite interior design by Lazaro Rosa-Violan, we needed a concert sound system that could deliver unparalleled audio while respecting the sophisticated aesthetics of the space.” 

Merging Concert Sound Systems with Luxury Spaces 

The answer came in the form of L-Acoustics Syva – a speaker system as sleek and refined as it is technologically advanced. The svelte curved design of Syva integrates seamlessly with the Jazz Hall’s art deco-inspired decor, while its wide dispersion and pristine audio quality ensure a vibrant experience for every guest. 

The upgraded system includes two Syva and Syva Low loudspeakers, two KS21i subwoofers, two X8 and four 5XT compact speakers, all powered by LA4X and LA2Xi amplified controllers. This configuration delivers crystal-clear sound for a variety of events, from intimate jazz performances to lively DJ nights and private screenings. 

“L-Acoustics’ reputation for excellence made them the clear choice for our Jazz Hall,” de Leeuw continues. “Syva provides the enveloping sound we desired but also aligns perfectly with our ethos of understated quality and high design. It’s a key component in creating the ultimate wonderland for those who live, work, and visit our city.” 

The George’s attention to acoustic detail extends beyond the speaker system. Special acoustic materials, fabrics, curtains, and furniture have been integrated into the Jazz Hall’s design, creating an ideal environment for musical performances that complements the L-Acoustics installation. 

Musicians and sound engineers have responded with enthusiasm, praising the Jazz Hall’s exceptional sound quality and acoustic excellence. For guests of The George, whether they’re hotel residents, club members, or visitors to one of the venue’s culinary experiences, the Jazz Hall offers a world-class audio experience that aligns perfectly with the hotel’s innovative, luxury-focused approach. 

As The George Tel Aviv continues to redefine urban hospitality, the L-Acoustics-equipped Jazz Hall stands as a shining example of its commitment to excellence. It’s not just a music venue; it’s a sensory journey that embodies the vibrant spirit of Tel Aviv, offering an unforgettable experience for all who enter its doors. 

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