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L-Acoustics trainings

Learn from the experts

The L-Acoustics training program is designed to enable technicians, system engineers and sound designers to get the best performance from L-Acoustics systems.

The L-Acoustics training seminars are conducted by expert professionals selected for their expert skills and their experience in the audio industry.

Progress step by step

The seminars adopt an “à la carte” format with complementary modules, each one addressing a specific educational need.

Participants can register for one single training day or several at a time, therefore progressing along the curriculum at their own pace.

On completion of each training day, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Develop your skill level

To address the exploitation of L-Acoustics systems at different skill levels, the modules are organized in distinct training levels.

Level 1: Configuration & Implementation
Focus is on technical and operational knowledge of L-Acoustics systems.

This level provides the ability to operate the K systems as a System Technician and gives access to the Level 2 modules.

Level 2: Design & Optimization
Focus is on advanced methodologies and tools for L-Acoustics systems.

Training locations

Open or private training seminars are scheduled at L-Acoustics facilities, or organized by L-Acoustics Certified Providers, Distributors, Rental Agents or System Integrators. Check the schedule on the online registration page.

How to sign up for training ?

Follow the online registration and payment process.
We accept up to 12 participants per day.
Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Seminar schedule
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