L-ISA Preproduction

Immersive Mixing Engineer
Learn and experience the preproduction process of an L-ISA live event from the studio to the venue, anticipating the constraints of the large-scale.
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Learning objectives

Understand and experience good practices to assure the scalability of an L-ISA mix from studio to large scale
Understand and experience the differences between loudspeakers and headphones monitoring
Understand and experience dynamic features to enhance an L-ISA mix


Prerequisites System & Workflow, L-ISA Technology, L-ISA Live Mixing course certification
Experience in mixing
Technical English
Duration 7 hours
Participants 8
Learning format Instructor-led session: onsite
Teaching methods Demonstration, hands-on practice, listening sessions
Languages Session delivered in local language
Material written in technical English
Instructor profile Live sound expert, selected, trained, certified and regularly updated by L-Acoustics education team
Certification Attendance to the session
Certification test

Learning Agenda

ONSITE - 1/4

2 hours

Scaling demo
From studio to large scale
Headphone vs. loudspeaker monitoring demo

ONSITE - 2/4

Object-based mixing – dynamic features 1
1 hour

Third party controls & control logic
L-ISA remote control setup (MIDI, plugin)


Mixing practice
3 hours

Scaling tutorial
Dynamic features tutorial
Playback and exchange

ONSITE - 4/4

Object-based mixing – dynamic features 2
1 hour

Immersive production demo
Which controls for what usage?

Required Equipment

Instructor-led session Computer with a mouse (preferably Apple MacBook Pro or equivalent, Mac OS 10.13 minimum) For Apple users, latest version of L-Isa studio software installed (to be activated during the course) or Windows version of L-Isa controller Note pad and pen.

Earned benefits

Upon completion, the participant is granted with a Certificate and a 1-year account activation/extension on the online L-Acoustics Education platform. In the platform, the membership to the L-ISA Preproduction group opens access to:
  • Always up-to-date L-ISA Preproduction material in the Learning center
  • Forum gathering all the L-ISA Preproduction certified learners and instructors
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