Variable Curvature Line Source

Advanced Learner
Perfect your understanding of line source behavior to optimize your mechanical design and use of electronic settings.
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Learning Objectives

Understand the acoustic behavior of a variable curvature line source and its sonic performances over the audience
Master the physical deployment of a variable curvature line so that electronic adjustments become optimization rather than correction
Design a variable curvature line source in Soundvision software, using advanced setting tools for inter-element angles and FIR filters


Prerequisites Knowledge in acoustics and live sound reproduction
Technical English
Duration 7 hours
Participants 12 maximum
Learning format Instructor-led session: onsite classroom
Teaching methods Presentation
Languages Session delivered in local language
Material written in technical English
Instructor profile Live sound expert, selected, trained, certified and regularly updated by L-Acoustics education team
Certification Attendance to the session

Learning Agenda

ONSITE - Morning

1.5 hour

Fresnel analysis
Line source behavior

2 hours

Absolute throw
Relative throw
Mean SPL
SPL profiles

ONSITE - Afternoon

2 hours

HF flatness
Tonal balance homogeneity

1.5 hour

Source definition
SPL target optimization
Autosolvers assistance

Required Equipment

Instructor-led session Computer with a mouse and latest version of Soundvision and LA Network Manager software: L-Acoustics website Note pad and pen

Earned Benefits

Upon completion, the participant is granted with a Certificate and a 1-year account activation/extension on the online L-Acoustics Education platform. In the platform, the membership to the Variable Curvature Line Source group opens access to:
  • Always up-to-date Variable Curvature Line Source material in the Learning center
  • Forum gathering all the Variable Curvature Line Source certified learners and instructors
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