Loudspeaker System Calibration

Advanced Learner

This advanced course is dedicated to the calibration of a loudspeaker system in a touring, rental or fixed installation project.

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Learning Objectives

Understand the goal of a loudspeaker system calibration and its link to the other project stages: design, implementation and operation
Follow a rational methodology for the verification, the tuning and the handover of a loudspeaker system
Apply the best practices for an accurate and representative measurement of a loudspeaker system frequency response
Perform alignment and equalization using Soundvision simulation software, P1 measurement station and M1 tuning tool


PrerequisitesKnowledge in acoustics and live sound reproduction
Technical English
Duration7 hours
Participants12 maximum
Learning formatInstructor-led session: onsite or online classroom
Teaching methodsPresentation, demonstration, tutorial
LanguagesSession delivered in local language
Material written in technical English
Instructor profileLive sound expert, selected, trained, certified and regularly updated by L-Acoustics education team
CertificationAttendance to the session(s)
Assessment of practical exercises

Learning Agenda

ONSITE- Morning

1.5 hour

Frequency response

2 hours

Sub alignment
Fill alignment

ONSITE - Afternoon

3.5 hours

Office preparation
Onsite verification
Onsite tuning

Required Equipment

Instructor-led sessionComputer with a mouse and latest version of Soundvision and LA Network Manager software: L-Acoustics website
Additional mobile device (phone or tablet) with 360 Learning app: Android store / Apple store
Note pad and pen

Earned Benefits

Upon completion, the participant is granted with a Certificate and a 1-year account activation/extension on the online L-Acoustics Education platform.
In the platform, the membership to the Loudspeaker System Calibration group opens access to:
  • Always up-to-date Loudspeaker System Calibration material in the Learning center
  • Forum gathering all the Loudspeaker System Calibration certified learners and instructors
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