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Level 2 trainings

Having System Technician status (Level 1) and practical experience in implementing L-Acoustics systems are the prerequisites to Level 2 modules.

Level 2 provides advanced knowledge and practical methodologies for the design and optimization of L-Acoustics systems.

The participant learns to:

  • Understand system behaviors by using basic concepts from physics
  • Assess priorities and choices, given specific objectives and constraints
  • Ensure quality and consistency by utilizing L-Acoustics proprietary tools

Attending Level 2 training modules is an essential step towards mastering L-Acoustics systems.

Variable Curvature Line Source

This training day offers an in-depth focus on the variable curvature line source. It includes advanced design practice with Soundvision.

This module is a full day dedicated to the variable curvature line source, and its associated tools for design and optimization:

  • Directivity Control (line source behavior and Fresnel analysis)
  • SPL coverage (setting of inter-element angles)
  • Frequency response (tonal balance and cosmetic EQ)
  • Soundvision modelling (Source cutview, SPL target, Array Morphing, Air Compensation)

In order to take full advantage from this training, participants should be comfortable with basic acoustics and our Soundvision software.

Earn 3.5 CTS renewal units (RUs)

Loudspeaker System Calibration

This training day covers methods and recommendations for the calibration of a loudspeaker system. It includes practice with M1, the L-Acoustics tool for measurement and tuning.

This module is a full day dedicated to the calibration of a loudspeaker system in a touring, rental or fixed installation project:

  • Concepts and definitions linked to calibration, tuning and frequency response
  • Tuning recommendations in terms of equalization and alignment, based on simulation and measurements
  • Calibration process covering office preparation, onsite verification, acoustic measurement, onsite tuning and system handover
  • L-Acoustics tools for system optimization: Soundvision software, P1 measurement station, M1 tuning tool

In order to take full advantage of this training, participants should have good knowledge of acoustic principles and L-Acoustics software. It is also recommended to be familiar with Soundvision autosolvers and the main P1 functionalities, which are presented in the System Fundamentals training day from 2019 onwards.

   Earn 3.5 CTS renewal units (RUs)

How to sign up for training?

Please follow the online registration and payment process.
Maximum of 12 participants per day.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Seminar schedule
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