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Level 1 trainings

Level 1 provides fundamental knowledge and practical methods for the configuration and operation of L-Acoustics systems.

The participant learns to:

  • Identify the elements of a K system, and understand how they complement one another.
  • Prepare and install a K system so that it is ready for operation.

Attending Level 1 training modules is indispensable for any technician or engineer wanting to work with L-Acoustics Systems.

System Fundamentals

This training day introduces the elements shared by all the L-Acoustics systems and is composed of two distinct modules: Soundvision Basics and Drive System.

This half-day module introduces the users to Soundvision, which is the proprietary simulation software for L-Acoustics systems and essential for any K system.

  • Presentation of the software and project architecture
  • Audience design: fundamentals and data collection workflows
  • Loudspeaker system design: quick simulation of mechanical and electro-acoustic results
  • Tutorial: introduction to the graphic-use interface and practical exercise

Ahead of the training, participants are encouraged to consult Soundvision help files.

Earn 1.5 CTS renewal units (RUs) when you attend this course.

This half-day module presents the L-Acoustics drive system, which handles the program from the output of the console to the input of the loudspeaker enclosures.

  • Presentation of LA amplified controllers, AVB-Milan networked audio, P1 station
  • Hardware implementation of the audio chain: power amplification, loudspeaker processing, data network, audio distribution, front-end management
  • User interaction with LA Network Manager software: setup, control and monitoring of LA amplified controllers and P1

Ahead of the training, participants are encouraged to consult the user documentation: LA NWM Help files, LA4X/LA12X Owner Manual, P1 Owner Manual, and Preset Guide.

Earn 2 CTS renewal units (RUs) when you attend this course.

Attendance to this training day is a prerequisite for all other modules.

K System

These training day modules are system specific. They are dedicated to one of our variable curvature WST systems and include a half day practical workshop.

Each of these one-day system-specific modules is dedicated to one of the variable curvature WST line source systems.

  • System presentation: design and specifications
  • Loudspeaker configurations: acoustic results and typical applications
  • Rigging: setup options and mechanical safety
  • Driving: presets and loudspeaker cabling
  • Practical workshop: mechanical elements and rigging options, preparing and listening

Upon completion the participant is considered a System Technician.

How to sign up for training?

Please follow the online registration and payment process.
Maximum of 12 participants per day.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Seminar schedule
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