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Shanghai Media Group Installs L-Acoustics L-ISA Technology in Radio Shanghai Arts Centre Shanghai Media Group Installs L-Acoustics L-ISA Technology in Radio Shanghai Art...


Rightway Audio Consultants oversee the installation of L-Acoustics A10, X8, and KS21 for one of the first permanent immersive sound system installations on mainland China

Shanghai, China – October 2021 The Shanghai Media Group (SMG) is one of China’s largest media conglomerates, with operations spanning multiple radio and television networks, film production and distribution houses, and various digital entertainment platforms. Recently, SMG revolutionized its radio operations, bringing cutting-edge technology to a new, purpose-built venue. Radio Shanghai Arts Centre includes a sunken plaza, eight online live broadcasting studios, an innovative workshop, an outdoor patio, and an immersive studio, equipped with L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, which will bring creative and innovative performances to the public.

SMG celebrated the grand opening of Radio Shanghai Arts Centre with a launch event for Shanghai’s government and industry VIPs, showcasing contemporary and traditional dance, alongside classical music performances. Guests included SMG’s president and chairman, top representatives from radio and television associations, and international public relations officers from China’s governing bodies.

During the launch ceremony, Song Jiongming, president of Shanghai Media Group, enthusiastically described Radio Shanghai Arts Centre as a place that combines fashion, energy, and innovation. The inauguration of the new center is a critical step for the convergence and transformation of SMG. Proof of SMG’s commitment to innovation, Radio Shanghai Arts Centre has been equipped with one of the country’s first permanently installed L-ISA immersive sound systems, designed and installed by local L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor Rightway Audio Consultants (Racpro).

Nan Hu, Marketing Director at Racpro, speaks of supporting the installation and launch event. “Racpro has a long-standing relationship with SMG, supporting projects in recent years that contribute to the group’s dynamic,” says Nan Hu. “SMG’s technical team has always held L-Acoustics in high regard, due to its innovation in technology and its range of premium quality offerings, so it made sense that, when they looked to innovate at Shanghai Radio Arts Centre, they would turn to L-ISA immersive sound technology.”

Racpro, with the help of Alvin Koh, Application Director of Asia Pacific at L-Acoustics, worked directly with SMG to design an L-ISA configuration that would best fit the space and performance needs of the venue. The team installed five arrays of one A10 Focus with two A10 Wide enclosures each for the main Scene system. Two hangs of two A10 Wide on either side of the Scene system significantly extended the panoramic experience. Four X8 are rigged in the ceiling above the audience, while nine X8 installed on the peripherals complete the Immersive Hyperreal system. The four KS21 flown behind the center scene array extended the system response down to 29 Hz. Alvin Koh was on-site to calibrate the installation and to train SMG’s engineers in the new technology.

An LED screen backs the stage for stunning visuals, and for the launch event, the SMG team employed a BlackTrax tracking system, which was seamlessly integrated into the L-ISA Controller, to track performers and match audio to their on-stage movements. The synchronization provided the audience with an enriching, immersive sound experience and showcased the creative possibilities of the new technology. 

The launch received positive feedback and praise from both the performers and the audience. Since then, SMG has continued to host concerts and other immersive events. “The SMG technical team have really stepped up and embraced the learning curve that comes with adopting new technology,” Hu says. “I feel that Racpro has helped SMG take a vital step toward the future and impose themselves as a leader in the Chinese – and the world’s – media industry.”

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