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Liberty Church Bangkok Installs Asia’s First L-Acoustics K3 Liberty Church Bangkok Installs Asia’s First L-Acoustics K3...


Vision One delivers divine sound for worshippers in the brand new 3,000-seat auditorium

BANGKOK, Thailand – July 2021 – New premises for a house of worship are always a sign of new beginnings and are often the result of a growing congregation. Both are true for Liberty Church Bangkok. Founded in 1976 by Pastor Anuparp Wichitnantana, Liberty Church first served a congregation of just 40 people in Bangkok. More recently, the Liberty community had occupied a space that accommodated 1,000 congregants. Today, the church has moved into a purpose-built, 2,000 square meter auditorium that welcomes 3,000 worshippers – the largest worship space ever built in The Land of Smiles. What hasn’t changed from the beginning and what has fuelled consistent growth at Liberty is their Sunday services that feature a dynamic mix of evangelical songs and live music. 

As building construction began in early 2020, the church committee began to explore their options for a new world-class sound system that would serve the congregation’s needs for years to come. The committee held demos of three different brands, inviting local Certified Provider Vision One to showcase their L-Acoustics systems. Vision One Chief Operating Officer Tanapat “Tony” Mongkolkosol and his team presented the new L-Acoustics A Series. Later, Vision One was invited back to demo the Kara II line array. Pastor Anuparp and his committee concluded that the L-Acoustics signature sound was what they wanted for their congregation. 

Despite the fact the newly launched L-Acoustics K3 was not available for a demo at the time, Mr. Mongkolkosol turned to Soundvision 3D software with the help of L-Acoustics Director of Application, Alvin Koh, designing four unique configurations for the church, including one using K3. “The Liberty Church team knew that all L-Acoustics products would give them the same high quality and the same sonic signature,” Mr. Mongkolsol explains. “With Soundvision, the committee could easily see how each system would perform, and they were confident that K3 would give them the same sonic signature they loved, that it would cover the whole vast audience area, and that it would do so within their budget.”

Mr. Mongkolkosol and his team at Vision One installed an L/R system of nine L-Acoustics K3 per side with two Kara II down and four KS28 subs flown behind. One A15 Focus and Wide each are flown as out-fills, while alone A15 Wide serves as center fill. As frontfill for the first few VIP rows, Vision One embedded 14 5XT across the stage, taking advantage of the coaxial speakers’ zero-minimum listening distance capabilities. Finally, four L-Acoustics X12 coaxial multi-purpose speakers serve as stage monitors for the live band. The risers of the X12 allow for an adjustable monitoring angle, providing a comfortable foldback system for Pastor Anuparp’s sermons.

With a complete system ready to serve the congregation, Mr. Mongkolkosol says that the church committee and its sound engineers are impressed and pleased with the final sound. “The vast space is fully covered by L-Acoustics consistent and pristine sound quality. We at Vision One are proud to help Pastor Anuparp continue his mission of devotion in this blessed setting. We hope that the Liberty Church congregation continues to flourish in the years to come.”

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