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L-Acoustics Hosts Destruction Event of Fake Professional Speaker Systems to Safeguard the Live Event Industry L-Acoustics Hosts Destruction Event of Fake Professional Speaker Systems to Safe...

The ruling follows an unprecedented seizure of over 100 counterfeit professional speaker systems from Se7ven Sounds Music, a remarkable confiscation of counterfeit professional audio loudspeakers

TAMPA, Florida – November 2023 – L-Acoustics hosted a destruction event to mark the disposal of counterfeit speakers recently seized following a judgment by the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, which ordered Se7ven Sounds Music to pay damages of $5 Million US dollars to L-Acoustics and granted L-Acoustics the right to destroy the 136 counterfeit professional speakers confiscated during the investigation.

During the afternoon, covered by Tampa Bay Fox News and NBC News, L-Acoustics invited local rental partners to destroy several counterfeit speakers, subwoofers, and amplified controllers before delivering them to an independent sustainability firm that will recover and repurpose the fake products’ raw materials. The wood used in the cabinets will be repurposed for new wood products or renewable energy production. Metal will go toward creating home appliances, while plastic will find new life in office furniture, car parts, and containers. Any non-recyclable parts will be disposed of responsibly.

“This event allowed our partners whose businesses were impacted by this company representing counterfeit products as authentic L-Acoustics technologies to have fun while releasing some frustration,” says BJ Shaver, Director of Sales for the Americas at L-Acoustics, who was present at the event. “Showing the industry that we are removing these fake products from the market helps to sustain the trust that our partners, production crews, audiences, and artists place in L-Acoustics.”

The event, held at M & W Warehouse in Tampa, emphasized the importance L-Acoustics places on authenticity, quality, and safety in the live events industry, which is estimated to be valued at $652.6 billion in the United States in 2022, with projections to reach $1.2 trillion by 2032, according to Allied Market Research.

Counterfeit loudspeakers lack the stringent quality control and safety standards L-Acoustics upholds. Using fake components and subpar materials can lead to catastrophic failures, endangering lives and causing financial losses for partners. L-Acoustics’ professional speakers not only deliver exceptional audio quality but also provide a safe and reliable solution for various venues, including concert halls, houses of worship, theaters, and stadiums.

“L-Acoustics’ solutions are not just products; they are a promise of quality, reliability, and safety,” explained Dr. Laurent Ostojski, Senior Counsel at L-Acoustics, who welcomed partners and press at the event. “Thank you to our partners for working with us to ensure that the events we create for audiences here in Florida and around the world will always elevate the live event experience.”

To learn more about the L-Acoustics Counterfeit Task Force, how to spot a fake, and report any suspected counterfeits, please head to the L-Acoustics Anti-Counterfeiting page.

To help L-Acoustics fight counterfeiting, please report fake products by emailing