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L-Acoustics Gives Marshall Studios World-Class Concert Sound for Unique Recording Studio and Live Space L-Acoustics Gives Marshall Studios World-Class Concert Sound for Unique Recordin...

MILTON KEYNES, UK – June 2024 – “They are super musical, and for me, they are the pinnacle of live sound,” beams Adam Beer, Studio Manager at Marshall Studios when discussing the new L-Acoustics professional sound system that now resides at the core of the facility’s impressive live performance space. The studio offers everything from recording, mixing, and general music production while also boasting a podcast studio, a photography studio, and even a conference space.

The Marshall stack, an enduring symbol of rock music, stands tall as a monolithic totem. From the early ‘60s to the present day, its distinctive aesthetic and sonic power have left an indelible mark on the genre, becoming synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll and influencing bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Its legacy endures, making it a true icon in the world of music equipment.

The Marshall Amplification headquarters in Milton Keynes recently expanded to incorporate the recording studio, record label and live agency service.  The space features a world class, 250-capacity live performance space, from which artists can record and prepare for live shows supported by the world’s best sound reinforcement. “Marshall started because artists needed amps,” says Beer. “And 60 years on, we asked ourselves what modern artists need. This led us to found a record label, a live agency, and now a recording studio to enable up-and-coming artists to access the resources needed to become successful musicians.”

It was crucial to the Marshall team to retain a live element in the studio. “In this live space, we host events, album launch parties, and performances from visiting artists. Our sound system needs to reflect the high quality of the building and the work that we do here, and the system that was previously installed was not up to our standards,” says Beer.

Marshall connected with L-Acoustics Certified Provider Solotech to identify a solution that would meet their rigorous demands. “Solotech were amazing to work with from the start,” Beer continues. “They quickly sent a project team who spent time getting to know the studio space and listening to our needs. They rapidly came up with an amazing plan to make the space work flexibly.”

The solution Solotech deployed for the space comprised four A10 Focus and two A10 Wide flown in two hangs to serve as the main PA system, along with four KS21 subs. One SB15M, one X8, and nine X12 were also specified for monitors. The whole system is powered by three L-Acoustics LA4X and one LA12X amplified controllers.

“We wanted a professional, concert-grade sound system that would be creative and amenable to all musicians. It needed to be modern, fresh, and crisp. Our L-Acoustics A Series concert system is a perfect match.” The A Series has elevated Marshall Studio to a truly unique, multi-purpose space, serving as a live room for studio recordings, as well as a fully functional, top-class venue for live shows and events.

 “So far so good!” enthuses Beer. “Everything we do in the live room can either be recorded to our DAW or to tape. If we do something live, we can capture a crystal-clear live recording via Dante.

“I really, really wanted this L-Acoustics system!” he concludes. “For me it’s the best sound reinforcement rig in the world. The speakers sound amazing; they are so clear, and Solotech were able to make sure I got just what I wanted. I couldn’t be happier!”

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