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New L Series Concert Sound System from L-Acoustics Delights Les Misérables Audiences at Taipei Arena Stopover New L Series Concert Sound System from L-Acoustics Delights Les Misérables Audie...

Winly Corporation deploys award-winning L2 based concert sound system in 13,500-seat arena for 2-night residency

TAIPEI, Taiwan – June 2024 –  Les Misérables has been a perennial audience favourite for almost 40 years. This year a new production, specially staged for bigger audiences, kicked off a global run that will take the show to 15 countries and feature a 100+ cast, including guest appearances by renowned Les Miz alumni at select dates. Les Misérables: The Arena Spectacular World Tour landed in the 91,000 square-metre Taipei Arena this January, backed by the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra and a Winly Corporation-deployed L-Acoustics L Series concert sound system. 

Promoter HIGH WIN tasked Winly with designing a professional sound system that would provide solid audio for live speech, songs and orchestra, as well as programmed sound effects to the 13,500-seat arena. “We were working with musical theatre content that’s traditionally delivered in an acoustically treated concert hall,” explains Scott Kuo, PA & Sound System Engineer at Winly. “Our system design needed to deliver that concert hall experience into a vast so we turned to L Series for its concert-grade power and clarity.”

Soundvision 3D audio modelling software showed that the L Series would provide unparalleled consistency throughout the 76-metre-long arena, promising impact to every seat. Its ultra-simple and fast rigging gave the system an added benefit: “The rapid deployment allowed the live audio team to jump straight into crafting the intricate mix required by the massive cast of actors and musicians of this unique Les Misérables production,” says Andy Chen, Sound Producer at Winly. “The audio crew was able to load in quickly within the tight touring schedule, test and tune using LA Network Manager, and then leave the arena free for the musical’s pre-show publicity commitments, and technical rehearsals before opening night.”

The system consisted of two main L/R hangs of three L-Acoustics L2 over one L2D to cover the arena’s first and second-floor audience areas. Two sets of six L-Acoustics KS28 subwoofers were flown behind the main hangs, while two further sets of three ground-stacked KS28 subwoofers in cardioid mode delivered low-end definition to the entire arena. Twelve Kara II provided front-fill. A second-floor wing seating area was covered by a side-fill system of one L2 and one L2D per side. A delay system comprised of two L2 per side covered third and fourth-floor audience seats.

On stage, actors and opera vocalists received clear monitoring from 12 X15 speakers positioned at the front of the stage. Live orchestra performers relied on ten X8 speakers and five 5XT coaxial boxes positioned for respective instrument section groups. All performers on stage also relied on four X12 speakers positioned in its four corners, while a monitor engineer delivered mixes on a pair of X15 monitors.

A combination of LA7.16, LA12X, and LA8 amplified controllers drove the main and monitor systems with an L-Acoustics P1 processor operating over a Milan-AVB network via LS10 switches.

The L Series integrated cardioid reduced spill onstage by 20 dB, providing greater clarity for performers’ monitoring.

From delivery to deployment and testing, L-Acoustics Director of Application APAC Alvin Koh was on hand to support Kuo and Chen’s Winly team, ensuring a smooth and efficient technical process over the two-night residency.

During a press conference, the musical’s director expressed the pleasure of presenting the Taiwanese leg of Les Misérables: The Arena Spectacular World Tour with L-Acoustics L Series: “We are honoured to have been a part of this popular musical’s tour. The whole production crew were delighted with the signature sound quality of L-Acoustics and the excellent coverage and the dynamic frequency response of L2’s cutting-edge technology in the Taipei Arena,” Chen of Winly concludes.

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