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L-Acoustics A Series Swings at Bangkok’s Jab Pae Chon Kae Restaurant L-Acoustics A Series Swings at Bangkok’s Jab Pae Chon Kae Restaurant...

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Vision One installed a high performing, affordable line array system to deliver quality audio to patrons for dining and dancing

Bangkok, Thailand – May 2021 – Over the last five years, owner Mr. Nicha Uengkhao has built Jab Pae Chon Kae restaurant into a success by providing a fun, modern dining experience alongside live music entertainment that varies from pop and rock to EDM. Recently, when the lease expired on the Bangkok-area location, he took the opportunity to relocate to a new location in a high-traffic area adjacent to a popular community mall. The move also proved to be the perfect moment to upgrade the restaurant’s sound system to provide patrons a better, more dynamic entertainment experience.

A live music enthusiast, Mr. Nicha, admired the L-Acoustics sound at live events and festivals around Bangkok for years. In 2016, when he first opened Jab Pae Chon Kae in the original location, he had hoped to install L-Acoustics Kara but could not make that dream a reality. But he kept in touch with Vision One, L-Acoustics certified distributor and integrator for Thailand, over the years as the restaurant grew and flourished.

In 2019 when L-Acoustics launched the flexible, budget-friendly A Series constant curvature line source, Vision One hosted a launch event and demo. It was there that the Jab Pae Chon Kae team began to discuss the possibility of upgrading their sound. Then, in 2020 when they decided to move to a new location, the time felt right. “We knew that the new location, close to the popular The Circle community mall, but also not too far from our original space, would give us a unique opportunity to widen our audience,” explains Mr. Nicha. “We knew that the A Series would offer a superior live music experience to diners.”

“The team at Jab Pae Chon Kae called us in to survey the new venue and propose an L-Acoustics system that would work well, both in terms of sound coverage and SPL requirements,” explains Vision One Chief Operating Officer Tanapat “Tony” Mongkolkosol. “Soundvision proved what we thought: that we could give the restaurant a touring quality sound system with arrays of A10 that would really showcase the dynamic music program on offer. A10 offered the quality the restaurant desired while staying within their budget.”

Tony and the team at Vision One worked with L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustic modeling software to design a system that would give consistent coverage to the space, which included a main dining/dancing area with cathedral ceilings, flanked by two more intimate areas with lower ceilings to the left of the main space. The main area system consists of five L-Acoustics A10 Focus arrays, with a single A10 Wide at the bottom, per side.

The top two enclosures use Panflex to set arrays at 90° to throw more SPL to the rear of the venue and keep sound off the walls, while the other four A10 are set to 110 degrees for a wider coverage to the area directly in front of the stage to the main dining area. Six L-Acoustics KS21 subwoofers supply the low-end rumble, while two L-Acoustics X12 provide coverage to the venue’s left wings. L-Acoustics LA4X amplifiers drive the system, with an L-Acoustics P1 processor to upscale the input signal to 96kHz digital and to bridge AVB and analog audio with a low latency and maximized bandwidth.

While current government guidelines restrict indoor activities, the Jab Pae Chon Kae team looks forward to fully opening to clients soon. “With A10, we’ve got all the power we need and more,” smiles Mr. Nicha. “It’s a great feeling to be settled into our new, high-profile location and to have the sound system that we’ve been waiting for, for over five years. We’re excited to offer this vibrant new experience to our clients.”

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