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L-Acoustics A Series is the secret ingredient for great sound across 13 venues for Le Circuit L-Acoustics A Series is the secret ingredient for great sound across 13 venues f...

A Series

A Series provides unmatched versatility and perfect acoustical performance across Cherbourg-en-Cotentin’s venues

CHERBOURG-EN-COTENTIN, France – August 2020 – Managed by the Buisson Cultural Space, Le Circuit is a newly created network of five cities in the north-western region of France on the Cotentin peninsula. It offers its inhabitants an eclectic programme of cultural events including national and local musicians, and artists. With more than 20 major concerts each year, in addition to a plethora of local events running across 13 different venues which vary in audience capacity from 240 to 1,800, Le Circuit wanted a single, modular, audio system that could be easily transferred from space to space. L-Acoustics A Series, provided by Certified Provider Auvisys, was selected for its ability to scale and adapt to each individual location’s needs.

The decision to invest was taken on several levels and over several years, with the creation of the Cherbourg-en-Cotentin network making it possible to raise sufficient funds to purchase the equipment.

“Once we knew the budget was available, we then went through the spec sheets and rider lists of artists we had previously hosted, so that we could truly understand their requirements,” says Brice Mace, sound manager at L’Espace Culturel Buisson in Tourlaville, one of Le Circuit’s main venues. “We also visited all the other venues and spoke to their technical teams to get their views, as well as to ascertain the potential resources available to us in each room.”

After gathering all the necessary information, the programme manager and general manager of Le Circuit presented the finalized project to the elected officials of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.

“The key criteria were relatively simple,” recalls Brice. “However, the implementation was much more complicated. We had to be able to provide a single system that would be versatile enough to adapt to all the room sizes, and also be easy to use so our team could set up and run the equipment ourselves, no longer needing to call on the expertise of sound and lighting providers.”

After testing multiple options from several suppliers, A Series was unanimously chosen for its unmatched versatility and excellent acoustical qualities, including high SPL, low frequency performance and constant tonal balance over distance. Cabinet size and weight were important criteria as the venues each had load limits, and the system is transported regularly between venues.

“I wanted a system that could cope with the varying venue sizes and that had sufficient LF capacity,” explains Brice. “We provided technical plans of each room to the L-Acoustics team, who then modelled the system using its Soundvision 3D acoustical software. They came up with the perfect configuration using A15 medium throw line source loudspeakers. Each time the rendering was perfect.”

Brice worked closely with L-Acoustics Sales Manager, Olivier Inizan, and the L-Acoustics team to implement the perfect combination of coverage and outstanding audio in a fully scalable system.

The largest system configuration comprises left / right hangs of three A15 above three compact KS21 subs. Additionally, two KS28 subs can be ground stacked per side, depending on requirements. Two X12 coaxial cabinets are used for delay to cover the rear third of the room, along with a stock of 5XT which can be placed on stage lip for front fill. LA4X amplified controllers power one enclosure per channel to allow for the use of the AutoFIR algorithm, whilst a P1 processor manages the entire system in Milan / AVB and integrates the M1 multi-measurement platform for easy and efficient calibration in all types of deployments.

“We utilise three KS21 subs per side for the larger spaces, or none if the room does not lend itself to that,” says Brice. “The same goes for the KS28 subs – sometimes we need all four and sometimes none. The only consistent component we use each time is A15.”

L-Espace Cultural Buisson is both a theatre and a concert venue, with a retractable seating area of 240 and a standing capacity of 450. The venue hosts a large number of professional and amateur touring musicians, artists-in-residence, as well as hosting the annual Tremplin Musiques Actuelles concert, meaning it is occupied for around 50 dates a year. “We are particularly attached to this venue. When we organise concerts there, we feel like we are at home,” shares Brice. Appropriately, it was one of the first venues to use the new system.

The Espace Buisson Cultural team is also in charge of overseeing relationships with the other venues across Le Circuit. In the six months following its installation, the new system ran consistently across Le Circuit, delivering exceptional sound for a range of concerts, choral recitals, one-man shows, theatre performances and other events.

Brice reports that feedback has been more than positive, not only from the public and participating artists and musicians, but also from the people that work all year round in the venues.

“With this system, I can make my own special sauce, combining the equipment at hand, the show being scheduled and the venue,” Brice concludes. “It is just so versatile, with each component easily added or removed to accommodate changing conditions. I have also become a fan of the P1; it makes it easy for me to do a full set up and gives absolute control over the cabinets. I am always amazed by the low and low-midrange sound of A15. Congratulations to Olivier Inizan and the L-Acoustics team for their sound advice!”