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For GII Cornerstone Church’s New Build, L-Acoustics A Series is a Perfect Fit For GII Cornerstone Church’s New Build, L-Acoustics A Series is a Perfect Fit...


PT Berkat Mitra Swara’s A10i installation matches building and budget needs for live music performances and sermons

Bandung, Indonesia – February 2022 Upon settling into new premises in West Java, GII Cornerstone Church also needed to usher in a flexible new sound system that would serve its congregation for worship services as well as for diverse events. The brand new, multifunctional auditorium, with a seating capacity of 800, hosts GII Cornerstone’s regular worship services, while also welcoming various events such as pop and rock concerts, musicals, networking conferences, and e-sports events.

To respond to the challenge, church management asked acoustical design consultants & system integrator JMAkustik to manage the AV installation. After discussions regarding acoustic treatment and system design with church committee members, Joseph Manurung, founder and managing director of JMAkustik, proposed an L-Acoustics A Series solution that would both look and sound good in the space.

L-Acoustics Certified Provider for Indonesia, PT Berkat Mitra Swara was appointed to handle design and to supply and install the audio system. PT Berkat Mitra Swara proposed a listening session of L-Acoustics A10i in the church’s previous space so that the committee could hear how the system sounded.  With the church committee convinced that A Series was the right combination of power, flexibility, and form factor, PT Berkat Mitra Swara began the process of designing a system for the new space, which was in construction.

“Using Soundvision, we were able to design a system that we knew would achieve highly accurate results in the new venue,” explains Mr. Manurung. His team, with the help of PT Berkat Mitra Swara, leaned on the flexible horizontal directivity of A Series to ensure consistent sound to all worshippers, without exciting the bare, concrete walls. ”The design also proved that A Series would meet the client’s performance requirements, while also adhering to their budget,” he reveals.

Through constant communication and the technical support of L-Acoustics Application Engineer Chung Wah Khiew, the team finalized a system design consisting of four A10i Focus and one A10i Wide down per side. A stack of six KS21i subwoofers flown in the center provides low-end reinforcement. Eight 5XT placed on the edge of the performance stage provide front-fill while four LA4X amplified controllers drive the whole system.

Upon completion, the worship team and congregants were pleasantly surprised with the power of the system, and how easily its sleek design melts into the architecture of the auditorium. “We are all delighted with how the brand new system looks and sounds in the space. The small footprint of the A10i array provides excellent coverage throughout the auditorium,” explains says Mr. Manurung. ”The flown subwoofers provide power and definition in the low end while still allowing for clear sightlines of the stage, and the LED screens which are so important to worship engagement.”

After several worship services with the new system, the sound engineering team appreciated the ease of mixing on the system, and the church committee loved how it sounds. “Now, our congregation can focus on the pastors’ sermons, the devotional live music, and the visual displays, all accompanied by clear, dynamic sound,” concludes Mr. Manurung.

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