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L-ISA training

L-ISA technology redefines professional skills and interactions in live sound reinforcement projects.

In the L-ISA training:

  • All participants will learn to manage an L-ISA project
  • System engineers will learn to design, implement, calibrate, and operate an L-ISA loudspeaker system
  • Mixing engineers will learn to prepare, encode, and mix an L-ISA show

Training program

The L-ISA training is a 3-day seminar that offers 2 different tracks: system and mixing.

Training prerequisites:

  • Technology introduction
  • System components
  • Object-based mixing
  • Loudspeaker system layout and certification
  • Spatialization algorithms for object panning and room engine
  • Mixing approaches (object-based vs. channel-based)
  • L-ISA controller software functionalities (objects, room engine, snapshots)
  • Spatial balance creation, illustrated in two tutorial sessions (classical and pop examples)
  • Mixing recommendations
  • Snapshots for motion in L-ISA controller
  • Spatial balance modification, illustrated in two mixing tutorial sessions (classical and pop examples)
  • Third-party controls in L-ISA controller (Desk Link, DAWs Source Control plugin, OSC interface, tracking)
  • Efficient and organized use of dynamic mixing controls
  • Soundvision functionalities for L-ISA system design
  • Metrics optimization for L-ISA system certification
  • Sonic objectives and system layout requirements
  • Individual source design
  • Level and time alignment of fill systems

Note: It is recommended to have attended the System Fundamentals and VCLS trainings, updated in 2019 with Autosolvers.

  • L-ISA processor implementation in the audio chain (formats, connectivity, clocking)
  • L-ISA controller configuration (network, MIDI, time code)
  • Rigging recommendations for fast system deployment
  • System calibration (signal flow, microphone placement, contour adjustments, subwoofer alignment), illustrated with real examples

Note: It is recommended to have attended the Loudspeaker System Calibration training.

  • Implementation and network communication
  • L-ISA mixing practice in an L-ISA certified auditorium
  • Tutoring from an L-ISA trainer
  • Best practices and discussions between participants
  • Developing an opportunity into an actual L-ISA project
  • Planning an L-ISA tour or residency
  • Producing audio content for an L-ISA show (live inputs, audio effects, sequences, multichannel instruments)
  • Anticipating L-ISA scaling from studio to large-scale venue
  • Adapting an L-ISA mix to different venues or system layouts
  • Hosting a guest engineer on an L-ISA system and supporting the transition from a Left and Right mix to an object-based mix

How to sign up for training?

Maximum of 8 participants per day.
To register for this training, please feel free to contact us.

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