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L-Acoustics is All Aboard the MS Viking Glory Cruise Ship

Owned and operated by Viking Line Abp, a Finnish shipping company and a market-leading brand in passenger traffic on the northern Baltic Sea, Viking Glory is the latest addition to Viking Line’s fleet. Built at Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry’s shipyard in China, Viking Glory features many advanced, innovative technologies that make it one of the most environmentally friendly vessels in the world.

The Challenge

Since the Viking Line is known for its advanced technology, delicious food, and friendly service, the Viking Glory team wanted world-class entertainment to go along with it. All hands on deck, the Intersonic team worked closely with Viking Line’s AV Manager Tuomas Sointula and Project Manager Aki Parkkila to design the L-Acoustics sound system that would provide perfectly balanced and evenly distributed audio across eight areas of the ship: the Vista Room Club, Vista Lounge, Torget, Algoth’s Bar, Kobba Restaurant & Bar, Fyren private restaurant, and the Market and Conference areas.

The Solution

The Vista Room Club & Lounge, referred to by the Viking Line team as ‘your living room onboard,’ is a space to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises through tall, convex windows that extend from floor to ceiling. After dusk, the brightest stars take the stage at Vista Room Club with four A15 Wide, an A10 Wide, two X8, 17 5XT, and four KS21 subs, powered by seven LA4X amplified controllers, offering a concert sound system quality live experience. The audio at the Vista Lounge area is served by two L-Acoustics X8 cabinets and an SB15m high-power ultra-compact subwoofer powered by two LA4X.

Torget is Viking Glory’s social hub where guests can share toasts before midnight or set up coffee meetups in the morning, all while enjoying the spectacle of the sea outside large windows and a gigantic LED screen positioned in the center of the space and extending over two floors. The L-Acoustics X8 sound system delivers exceptional coverage capability throughout the entire space in an aesthetically pleasing package. The entire audio set-up comprises eight X8, three 5XT, and four Syva Subs, all powered by four LA4X.

In Algoth Niska’s bar, named after the famous Finnish adventurer, guests can enjoy an extensive menu of cocktails while listening to L-Acoustics X8 speakers and SB15m subs. The relaxed atmosphere of the bistro-style restaurant, Kobba, is complemented with discreet X8 cabinets, while the Fyren private restaurant can be booked for breakfast or dinner for up to 12 people and has four 5XT, delivering captivating audio that complements the unbeatable views of the archipelago. The Market, which offers multiple food stalls filled with international cuisines and delicacies baked in the ship’s bakery, receives acoustic coverage delivered by eight carefully distributed 5XT.

Finally, Viking Glory’s brand-new conference facilities feature 14 flexible conference rooms that can accommodate up to 400 people, all featuring a concert sound system with 12 X8 cabinets and two SB15m subs, amplified by two LA4X.

The Result

The Viking Glory’s team has stated that they’re pleased to bring the industry-renowned L-Acoustics sound signature to the Viking Glory, making it the first ship in Viking Line’s fleet to integrate an L-Acoustics sound system throughout the entire vessel. Intersonic’s system designer, Pauli Molnár noted, “The entire journey from using L-Acoustics Soundvision, with its quality indicators and Autosolvers, to M1 and all the tools available in Network Manager, is now all part of the integrated service that L-Acoustics delivers and which we find it exceptional!”

Project Photos

The sound quality of the system matches the highest standard of this ship’s facilities and is so versatile. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite tunes at the restaurant and bar, organize a conference, or dance until dawn at the club, L-Acoustics brings a new level of audio experience, which is all part of Viking Line’s promise to deliver the travel experience of tomorrow.

Tuomas Sointula

AV Manager, Viking Line Abp

Tech Brief

  • Four A15 Wide
  • One A10 Wide
  • 20 X8
  • 32 5XT
  • Four Syva Subs
  • Four SB15m
  • 15 LA4X

Main System

A15 Wide

A10 Wide

Syva Sub