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Tosō Bunka Kaikan Cultural Centre Upgrades to a Professional Sound System with L-Acoustics Kiva II Tosō Bunka Kaikan Cultural Centre Upgrades to a Professional Sound System with L...

The L-Acoustics concert sound system permits the Centre’s Main Hall to attract new and more performances

CHIBA, JAPAN – December 2023 –Chiba Prefecture’s Tosō Bunka Kaikan opened in 1991 in Asahi. Designed by Kunio Maekawa Architects, renowned for the nearby Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the cultural center complex features a 900-seat multi-purpose Main Hall and a 300-seat Small Hall. The space hosts a wide range of audio content, from classical ensemble performances and traditional Japanese enka music to seminars and karaoke nights for the surrounding Tosō neighborhood.

The Main Hall’s audio system was original to the venue and was being pushed beyond its capabilities. “My team and I have been discussing the need to update the hall’s original sound system for a while, until about four years ago when one of the speakers began producing undesired noise,” says Tosō Bunka Kaikan Head Technical Supervisor, Shunsuke Nakakoji. The aging system lacked punch in the low frequencies and lacked clarity, especially for vocals. For live music concerts, rental systems were being used to replace the sound system, requiring a 4-tonne truck to bring in equipment.

Mr. Nakakoji reported the situation to the prefecture’s council in charge of the cultural center, and discussions about a sound system upgrade began. Representatives from the council were invited to a listening demonstration where Mr. Nakakoji set up an L-Acoustics system in the hall. The directors heard a vast improvement in sound quality, and an agreement was made to upgrade the system over two phases of budget allocations. 

In 2022, Mr. Nakakoji turned to local L-Acoustics Certified Provider distributor, Bestec Audio, to acquire a mobile system that consists of 14 L-Acoustics X12 coaxial loudspeakers and six SB18 subwoofers. Mr. Nakakoji knew that, when positioned correctly, the multi-purpose point source boxes would allow the Main Hall to host community lectures and karaoke events.

This year, Mr. Nakakoji acquired a permanent system, which consists of a left-right array of eight Kiva II with six SB15m subwoofers each, hung and concealed behind a screen on either side of the stage. A center proscenium array comprises 10 Kiva II boxes and three SB15m subwoofers. In-fill for the first rows is handled by one X15 HiQ box on each side and six 5XT coaxial speakers embedded evenly across the stage lip.

The X12 and SB18m from the first-phase purchase are regularly used as a mobile system to cover audience seats on either wing and supplement low-end definition or for stage monitors. The entire system is driven by a total of 13 LA4X amplified controllers.

Mr. Nakakoji and his team now lean on the energy efficiency and high performance of the LA4X amplified controllers regularly. Despite the number of speakers and amplifiers increasing with the new system, audio rack real estate has reduced by a third. Using LA Network Manager, Mr. Nakakoji has saved three categories of settings: Speeches, Karaoke, and Full Power, allowing the technical team to easily switch to the best preset, depending on the day’s programming.

Today, Tosō Bunka Kaikan confidently welcomes a variety of performances, and the new L-Acoustics concert sound system allows the venue to increase the number of amplified events on the calendar. “I think that promoters and audiences will spread the word about the great sound in the hall,” says Mr. Nakakoji. “And it’s likely that this reputation will allow us to increase the number of events that we offer.”

“Now, we can confidently work with event promoters on any musical programming. We can actively create and produce a diverse range of programs, which will contribute to developing a lively cultural image for the Tosō region and its close-knit community,” concludes Mr. Nakakoji.

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