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Technical Production Group Invests in L-Acoustics Syva and 5XT Technical Production Group Invests in L-Acoustics Syva and 5XT...

Syva Low

Audio quality and aesthetics deliver the perfect solution for flourishing Polish rental company’s corporate clientele 

WARSAW, Poland – March 2022 – Formed in 2019, Technical Production Group (TPG) is a relative newcomer to the Polish market. Its age, however, belies the experience of its team, who have worked together on productions for many years. TPG has ensured end-to-end services for the conference and corporate events market, investing in an inventory of sound, lighting, multimedia, and broadcast solutions from the outset. A recent opening of its own studio for live streaming events has added to its capacity to serve the market. Its latest technical acquisition is a Syva system, purchased from L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor for Poland, Audio Plus. TPG chose Syva not only for its superb audio quality but also because it, as owner Piotr Badalski puts it, “is a beautiful piece of furniture.”

TPG already owned a simple, compact loudspeaker system that provided a cost-effective solution but required delays for optimum coverage, leading to a need for more cabling and thus negatively impacting aesthetics. Badalski recognized the need to add a system that would deliver on performance and coverage while also looking good.

“We looked at several solutions but found there was always a compromise between sound quality and the aesthetics of the cabinets,” says Badalski. “Syva, however, has the perfect combination of features, with the added advantage that two Syva and a Syva Low are sufficient for most of our projects. Of course, there are some venues where we need to add additional cabinets, but we’ve also invested in 5XT and know that using L-Acoustics Soundvision, we can always find the ideal configuration.”

This was perfectly illustrated at a recent event in the challenging auditorium of the Warsaw University of Technology, where a combination of stone walls, room height, and the presence of arcades unite to create multiple reflections. “As soon as you walk into the room, you can hear how bad it is,” Badalski notes. “The technical producer and the sound engineers were concerned about how we were going to achieve good sound but still maintain our high visual standards.”

Using Soundvision, an essential part of any L-Acoustics system design workflow, the team predicted where coverage issues would arise and designed a system configuration to account for them. Here, Syva was paired with 5XT for front-fill and additional 5XT covered the far end of the auditorium, which, says Badalski, was the perfect solution. “An added bonus is the fact that we can keep the sound on stage very clean because, with Syva, all the energy is projected forward,” Badalski says.

Badalski further notes that, whilst most conferences concentrate on speech, having Syva Sub in the inventory means musical elements such as intros, outros, backing tracks, etc., can be accommodated. “And even if we’re producing a conference that’s primarily streamed, and Syva is the listening system for the production, being able to feel the sound pressure and energy we’re generating is a big advantage,” he says.  

TPG’s L-Acoustics system is powered by LA4X amplified controllers with LA Network Manager to configure and tune the system. The team uses the software to make on-site operations simple and efficient, with quick and simple adjustments to gain, delay, or tone. Presets can also be prepared in advance and quickly recalled on the amplifiers.

Badalski concludes, “The combination of Syva and 5XT gives us a system that can fill any space, both sonically and visually, creating a sense of professionalism in every detail.”