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L-ISA Studio Now Available for PC L-ISA Studio Now Available for PC...

L-ISA Studio

L-Acoustics spatial audio creation software suite allows music creators, producers, engineers, and mixers to create in object-based binaural from a Mac laptop and now also from a PC

MARCOUSSIS, France – November 2022 – L-Acoustics expanded the spatial sound possibilities for music creators with the launch of L-ISA Studio, the perfect object-based audio mixing tool for sound designers, producers, and mixing engineers. L-ISA Studio brings the power and versatility of L-Acoustics L‑ISA technology away from the studio to laptops so that sound creators can design immersive audio whenever—and wherever—they’re ready to create. Today, L-Acoustics further expands access to spatial mixing with the launch of L-ISA Studio 2.5, now compatible with any PC and Windows OS in addition to Mac and macOS computers. With unlimited free binaural output capability, L-ISA Studio 2.5 can be downloaded from the L-Acoustics website.

The new L-ISA Studio 2.5 on Windows includes both the L-ISA Controller and L-ISA Processor Desktop applications as well as L-ISA Audio Bridge, a custom virtual sound card for Windows. The Audio Bridge includes both Bridge Out and Device Out pathways for audio output. The Bridge Out allows 12 outputs to be sent through any DAW for multichannel recording, while simultaneous Device Out allows audio to be sent to either headphones or a multichannel sound card for rendering for immersive loudspeaker configurations. 

Additional enhancements in L-ISA Studio 2.5 include graphic updates to the L-ISA Controller, which free up additional screen real estate for the sound engineer. Creators can now also load standard loudspeaker templates for configurations in Atmos, BluSpace, and more. Pre-production is facilitated with selective speaker muting and the ability to snap objects to specific active or muted speakers, which facilitates previewing different loudspeaker configurations in diverse spaces.

“L-ISA is an intuitive platform for creators to explore mixing in spatial sound, which can be rendered to platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, and more,” explains Guillaume Le Nost, Executive Director of Creative Technologies at L-Acoustics. “Making L-ISA Studio widely available to sound engineers, regardless of their preferred platform, is a natural step in the evolution of our flagship immersive audio technology.” 

Developed to improve the workflow and unleash the creative potential of all sound creators, L-ISA Studio seamlessly interfaces with leading digital audio workstations, show control software, and gaming engines. It also offers compatibility with various 3D audio formats, including Dolby Atmos speaker configurations and more.

The free version with binaural capability can be downloaded from the L-Acoustics website on The subscription version of L-ISA Studio is available on Discounts are available for students enrolled in qualified audio engineer programs. For more information or to download, please visit