Press Release

L-Acoustics Partners with Soundforms to Offer State-of-the-Art Outdoor Venue Technology L-Acoustics Partners with Soundforms to Offer State-of-the-Art Outdoor Venue Tec...

MARCOUSSIS, France – March 2023 – L-Acoustics has partnered with Soundforms to offer innovative, immersive audio technology to open-air performance spaces worldwide. The mission of the two companies will be to develop creative solutions that combine state-of-the-art L-Acoustics immersive sound technology into the unique acoustic and aesthetic properties of Soundforms Performance Shells. The result will offer integrators, consultants, and end users coherent, turn-key solutions for open-air performance venues that will create exceptional experiences for audiences and performers.

The two companies first worked together at the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park, home of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, where Soundforms designed the shell enclosure while the audience enjoyed sound technology by L-Acoustics.

“This partnership with Soundforms is an exciting opportunity to bring our L-ISA immersive technology and Ambiance Acoustics system to innovative venues around the world,” says Tim Boot, Business Development Director, Acoustics Solutions at L-Acoustics. “The combination of our audio solutions and Soundforms’ beautiful looking and beautiful sounding outdoor performance shells will offer audiences inspiring new live experiences.”

Soundforms designs award-winning, iconic, open-air performance enclosures which provide a high-quality acoustic environment for outdoor music events. Their premium quality staging products offer an exemplary aesthetic and acoustical environment for musicians, audiences, festivals, promoters, broadcasters, orchestras, and sponsors. The acoustics within the Soundforms shell allow musicians to hear themselves and each other more clearly, resulting in open-air performances with significantly increased quality. The shell is designed to project the enhanced sound produced by the performers to the audience, generating a clearer, louder, and more reverberant acoustic than can be achieved by using traditional transparent tents.

Mark Stephenson, Executive Chairman of Sound Forms Ltd, says: “As an orchestra conductor, I am all too familiar with the challenges musicians face when performing outdoors. I am thrilled that the Soundforms technical design team is collaborating with the brilliant sound technology experts at L-Acoustics. This promises to be a groundbreaking partnership.”

L-Acoustics is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing premium sound reinforcement technologies. Twice named to Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies list, L-Acoustics solutions enable audio professionals and artists to elevate the listener experience and better connect with their audiences. L-Acoustics’ innovative Ambiance Acoustics system enables venue acoustics to be tailored precisely to the specific genre and work performed. As a result, visitors can expect outstanding acoustics for a range of performances, including drama, opera, musicals, and ballet, as well as large-scale philharmonic or symphonic concerts.

L-Acoustics will work closely with Soundforms and its partners, which include ARUP Acoustics, ES Global, Flanagan Lawrence, and Expedition, as part of a world-class consortium capable of offering all technology required to create outstanding open-air concert venues around the world. Together, Soundforms and partners can tailor solutions to meet the individual requirements of each client’s project and its specific location and surroundings.