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L-Acoustics Delivers Pristine Quality for The Jeonju Sion Church L-Acoustics Delivers Pristine Quality for The Jeonju Sion Church...


Klausys and system integrator AnM designed and installed an A Series system in the 1400-seat church hall

Jeonju, South Korea – March 2023 – The capital of South Korea’s North Jeolla province, Jeonju – which literally means perfect region – is a unique hybrid of urban and rural communities and a known hub for Korean cultural and gastronomical heritage. The Jeonju Sion Church has served the local community since its founding in 1975. The church’s building, with its traditional red-brick exterior, has stood since 2012. The hall within holds a variety of worship programs ranging from speech, modern live music, choir, and orchestra.

After a decade of use, the church’s management decided it was time to make plans to upgrade its audio system. The brick-walled, 1,400-seat hall presented several acoustical challenges, including highly reflective surfaces and a deep audience configuration which meant the back rows were getting unintelligible speech. Church management sought a new system that would provide even coverage and SPL distribution from the front to the back of the hall and enhanced sound quality in the mid and high frequencies for speech clarity.

Sion Church’s management team had a close relationship with local system integrator AnM. A regular project collaborator at the church over the past decade, AnM provided maintenance for the previous sound system. AnM reached out to local L-Acoustics partner Klausys, whom they knew had a resume of providing excellent modern audio solutions for a variety of projects. Together AnM and Klausys demonstrated an L-Acoustics A Series system for Sion’s team.

Cheol Jang, Technical Support Engineer from Klausys, relied on L-Acoustics Soundvision audio mapping software to create a design that would evenly cover the entire audience while avoiding problem areas like the reflective walls. After hearing playback of the church’s live music and sermon recordings, Sion’s pastor also tested the A Series system with his preferred live microphone. He was extremely pleased with the system’s pristine sound quality and was convinced that A Series was the right choice for the church upgrade.

The L/R array consists of three L-Acoustics A15i Focus and one A15i Wide, topped by one KS21 subwoofer per side. Using Panflex variable horizontal directivity, the Focus boxes were set to 90° to avoid reflection from the walls and to focus the sound toward the back of the hall, allowing for excellent clarity of both music and speech all the way to the back row.

“While mixing live music, the church’s engineer commented that he could recognize a more natural separation of musical instruments. Orchestra musicians also praised the richer sound from the main system array,” Cheol says.

The Jeonju Sion Church now possesses best-in-class audio reproduction. With all performers hearing the pristine quality of the new audio system, the church team and worship attendees are now blessed with an excellent balance of natural and reinforced sound for various programs throughout their weekly services.

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