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Michelle Pan’s Voice Touches Hearts with L-Acoustics K2/Kara system Michelle Pan’s Voice Touches Hearts with L-Acoustics K2/Kara system...


L-Acoustics system transforms conference venue into music hall for Taiwanese singer’s first post-pandemic show

TAIPEI, Taiwan – In the Taiwanese music industry, Michelle Pan Yue Yun is considered a defining musician whose lyrics have resonated with thousands of people, giving voice to their feelings and experiences for decades. In July, the iconic singer delivered a stunning performance in front of 2,500 enthusiastic, socially distanced fans, friends, and musicians at the Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC). Despite its reduced capacity (the venue can hold up to 3,000), there was no reduction in audio quality, thanks to L-Acoustics K Series.

Rising to the challenge of designing and supplying the perfect sound system for the venue, which is primarily used for corporate presentations and conferences, Winly Engineering & Trading was tasked with overcoming many acoustical limitations, delivering a system that would provide uniform sound distribution across the entire space. Winly Front of House engineer Nova Lo, System Engineer Scott Kuo, and Monitor Engineer Andre Lai played key roles in the project.

“We have been working with Michelle Pan for over 20 years, so it was a natural move for us to be involved in the project,” reminisces Scott Kuo. “Originally, the concert was going to take place in April, but then the pandemic happened and wiped out live events across the entire globe. The show was postponed until July, which worked to our advantage as it gave us a few extra months to perfect the system, with the last three weeks spent working on-site to prepare for the concert.”

The team used L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustical simulation program to design the audio system that would ensure optimum levels of coverage in this challenging venue.

“Turning the space into an effective music venue was a test pilot for the organizers, and we loved the challenge,” exclaims Nova Lo. “We had to consider things like the uniformity of coverage, articulation, and frequency response very seriously. Soundvision helped us prepare the system design, so just a few final tweaks and adjustments were needed on-site to achieve true sound precision.”

The final system comprised two left/right hangs of 12 K2, bolstered by four SB28 subs, floor stacked on either side of the stage. For frontfill, six Kara were evenly spaced across the stage lip offering optimum sound distribution to the first rows. “We decided to use K2 as the main speaker to give the venue the best possible chance of improved sound quality and distribution, with Winly’s Scott Kou designing the whole system with the help of Soundvision,” says Nova Lo.

Speaking on behalf of the team, Deepjoy Picture Corporation shares how thrilled they were to be pioneering bringing live shows to life again.

“This was one of the first live shows to happen in Taiwan after what felt like a very long hiatus, so we wanted to celebrate the return of the industry by presenting the audience with an exceptional sound experience,” concludes Andre Lai. “The L-Acoustics system radically improved the venue’s sound quality and coverage. It was great to receive positive feedback from fans, musicians, and producers, but most especially Michelle Pan’s close friends, all saying how excited they were to be back at a live event and how remarkably clear and emotionally touching the sound of Pan’s voice was that night.”