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L-Acoustics K Series Powers A-Mei New Year’s Eve 2021 Utopia East Concert L-Acoustics K Series Powers A-Mei New Year’s Eve 2021 Utopia East Concert...


Winly Sound delivered pristine and punchy audio to over seventy-thousand concert goers

TAITUNG, Taiwan – March 2021 Taiwanese superstar A-Mei celebrated the arrival of 2021 with a free concert for over seventy thousand fans in her hometown of Taitung. The ‘Queen of Mandopop’ treated concert goers to four hours of music spanning her entire 24-year career, with Taiwan’s top professional audio company, Winly Sound, helming the technical delivery of the massive show. 

Winly Sound shares a long history with A-Mei, providing sound for her performances since her first concert in 1998. The company first acquired an L-Acoustics V-DOSC system in 2005 and has since placed L-Acoustics as their top choice for concerts, due to its proactive approach to sound design, superior loudspeaker enclosures and innovation in manufacturing. Preparing for the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve shows for one of Taiwan’s most celebrated artists did not come without its challenges.

“The concert venue is in a park just next to the Pacific Ocean, with strong winds that affect the sound performance,” explains Winly Sound’s system engineer Mike Li. Li worked with L-Acoustics application engineers Chung Wah Khiew and Alvin Koh to design the most accurate angles of coverage for each speaker placement using Soundvision 3D modeling software. The main rig consisted of 12 K1 L-Acoustics per side, accompanied by stacks of 18 KS28 subs, with additional reinforcement from eight K1-SB flown behind the arrays. Front fill was provided by eight dV-DOSC, and delays consisted of 16 K2 per side.

Li was full of praise, post-concert. “The most amazing thing about the L-Acoustics system is that it is suited for any type of music A-Mei and her band perform. A-Mei’s style can vary from acoustic ballads to rock, and even metal. L-Acoustics is suited to any type of music and reproduces with amazing clarity anything that A-Mei can throw at it. Furthermore, the K1 series amazed everyone at the concert, and the end results were just what Winly had wanted.”

Front of house sound engineer Tai Shan Chen echoes this desired technical outcome. “I often mix on K1 or K2 systems, and I appreciate the system’s power over distance and the flexible coverage angles. This concert was offered for free to all A-Mei fans, and the turnout was even beyond what we expected. We had to adapt to accommodate the massive audience. L-Acoustics K1 and K2 systems offered us the power and coverage we needed, and I was truly impressed by its capabilities, even in this challenging scenario.”

The veteran engineer expressed his pride with the success of the four-hour concert, the biggest in Taitung’s history, attended even by the county’s Mayor.  “I could feel how excited every single person in the audience felt and how much they enjoyed the music that night. Despite going through such a difficult year in 2020, there was a sea of smiling eyes above the masks. I was touched by the emotion of the evening. I am proud of Taiwan.” 

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