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Italian Hip-hop Duo Coez & Frah Quintale are First to Offer Immersive Audio Experience Using L-Acoustics L Series with L-ISA Italian Hip-hop Duo Coez & Frah Quintale are First to Offer Immersive Audio...


FLORENCE, Italy – April 2024 – “Aside from putting a bit of a flag on a new technology and being able to say that we did it first, we know now that our investment, rather than being on fireworks on the stage, is more about the quality of the sound and the music,” says Frah Quintale. Coez & Frah Quintale are one of the most exciting acts on the Italian music scene. Both artists have forged successful solo careers, blending poignant songwriting and hip-pop beats to create a distinct style all their own. Together the pair released an album, Lovebars, which they supported with a national tour, selling out arenas throughout the country. Embracing the absolute latest in technology, the duo adopted immersive audio experience for their live shows via L-ISA spatial audio technology and did so by pairing for the very first time with L Series, the very latest in line array technology.

Compact, lightweight, and using up to 60% less material to build, the L Series is designed to occupy 30% less space than other products capable of the same output, minimising trucks on the road, and lightening the carbon footprint of the tour.

Using immersive audio to create a small venue atmosphere in an arena

For Coez & Frah Quintale, the opportunity to offer an immersive audio experience to their fans enabled them to create an intimate environment in what was a significant step up for the pair in terms of venue size. “I was a little afraid of the size of the arena, because other shows I’ve seen in my life, they could be a little cold,” Frah notes. “This system allowed us to create the vibe and the atmosphere of a smaller venue, on a bigger level.”

Sound Designer Valerio Motta, who worked with the artists to help them adopt both L-ISA and L Series, agrees. “The use of L-ISA was a huge upgrade in terms of spatialisation, focus, sound impact and sound definition. Adding L Series was the icing on the cake. L2 is a huge advance in many ways: smaller footprint, easy to rig, and lighter weight which is crucial when you are using several hangs in an immersive configuration.”

L-ISA immersive audio with compact, powerful L Series…. the way of the future

“In many ways, L Series was developed with L-ISA in mind” explains Tom Laveuf, Application Engineer at L-Acoustics. “L Series was designed for rapid deployment and lower margins for error. It’s also unobtrusive, integrating discreetly into the set. Combine that with vast advancements in the quality of concert sound reinforcement, and these features make it more feasible for our industry to adopt L-ISA technology for live sound… which is the way of the future.

“Coez and Frah Quintale are hip-hop artists with a very reactive audience, and the most important aspects of the genre are the vocals, and the beat. It was obvious to me that the whole of the audience was unified in the experience, you could tell that every fan was hearing, and feeling, the same things,” Laveuf continues.

The 5.1 Scene System, provided by L-Acoustics Certified Provider AgorÀ, was comprised of five hangs of two L2 over one L2D, with eight KS28 subwoofers in two hangs of eight flown behind the central L2/L2D hang. Twenty-four K2 were used as out-fills, while 14 Kara II on the stage lip provided spatial in-fill. Six further KS28 were placed in two left/right ground stacks in front of the stage provided the extra punch necessary for a hip-hop audience. LA7.16 and LA12X amplified controllers drove the whole system.

Creating a sense of connection between artist and audience

The added sense of intimacy brought to the tour by the L-ISA technology is something that Motta was keenly aware of. “Coez & Frah Quintale found a connection with the audience that allowed them to experience the shows at another level,” he explains. “The front of house engineer was able to spatialise the mix and immerse the whole of the audience in the same experience.”

Coez & Frah were so engaged in the choice of an L-ISA immersive audio experience that they took time out of their show to explain the technology to their fans every single night. “They themselves felt the difference and wanted their audience to understand it. I believe they also feel that it is the way of the future, and that this is simply a better way to experience live music,” concludes Motta. 

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