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Brand New Rock Candy Festival is also First in China to Offer an L-ISA Immersive Sound Experience Brand New Rock Candy Festival is also First in China to Offer an L-ISA Immersive...

Dadong Huahan deploys a He Biao-designed L-ISA immersive sound experience for Chengdu music festival featuring local and international acts

CHENGDU, China – May 2024 – While this Spring’s biannual China Food and Drinks Fair was the 110th edition, it was the first ever outing for the Rock Candy Festival, which débuted as the fair expands its reach beyond indoor trade exhibitions into a city-wide celebration. This inaugural festival, featuring a two-day outdoor concert, showcased a stellar lineup of local and international artists across genres including pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, and electronic music. Co-created by the legendary music director Zhang Yadong, known as ‘the golden producer’ for his 30-year career with China’s top artists, and sound designer He Biao, the Rock Candy Festival delivered an exceptional live audio experience for all.

One of China’s most sought-after sound designers, He Biao is celebrated for having brought L-ISA immersive sound to prestigious events like the Han Hong concert and the folk opera ‘Daughter of the Party’. His innovative suggestion to use L-ISA immersive sound technology for the first time at an open-air festival in China received enthusiastic approval.

Stepping into the design phase, the challenge was to gain enough height to achieve even sound coverage across the hilly audience area. The solution was to position seven cranes across the stage area to support the main rigging trusses, as well as five hangs of L-Acoustics K2 for the main L-ISA Scene System.

The system, deployed by Dadong Huahan consisted of five hangs of 10 L-Acoustics K1 over six K2, augmented by two extension hangs of 15 K2 per side. Two centre-flown hangs of 12 K1-SB subwoofers with a further 28 KS28 and 32 SB28 subwoofers ground-stacked in front of the stage for low end rumble. Eight stacks of three Kara were spread across the stage as front-fill, while out-fill consisted of an array of nine K2 per side. A delay system of two hangs of 10 K2 each assured sound to the back of the audience area. Seventy-eight LA12X and 24 LA8 amplified controllers drove the massive concert sound system.

Mr. He provided on-site support to the artists’ sound engineers who mixed their shows using two DiGiCo Quantum 7, one Quantum 5 and one Quantum 338 digital mixing consoles. Exploring the possibilities of object-based mixing was a great advantage to the engineers, one of whom praised the L-ISA technology, noting that “compared to a stereo system, L-ISA is more like a 3D canvas. My imagination is not limited to two dimensions. I could play freely and explore more possibilities within the mix.”

The groundbreaking use of L-ISA immersive audio at the first-ever Rock Candy Festival was a thrilling experience for fans too. “The listening experience was truly exceptional! No matter where I was in the audience, I could feel the intricate details of the music. The complete immersion of sound that enveloped me was a revelation and added significant value to Chengdu’s brand-new music festival,” smiled a particularly happy festivalgoer.

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