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X15 HiQ

X15 HiQ

Reference stage monitor

  • Power (SPL) in beamwidth and acoustic isolation
  • High immunity to feedback
  • Narrow ellipsoid directivity of 40° x 60°
  • Low profile and weight for integration and handling
  • Rugged build
  • Active design with low latency preset

Point Source


In 1989, L-Acoustics introduced the first coaxial loudspeaker enclosure for professional sound reinforcement, bringing studio quality to near-field applications for the first time. Since then, coaxial technology has been implemented in all L-Acoustics point sources and constitutes the heart of the P Series and X Series.

Ellipsoid waveguide

The L-Acoustics Ellipsoid Waveguide made its debut in 2015 in the X12 and X15 HiQ coaxial enclosures. By providing a distinct coverage angle for both vertical and horizontal dimensions, it extends the versatility of the enclosures, as well as improving control over the reverberant field.

Laminar Venting

All current L-Acoustics loudspeaker enclosures with low-range capacities feature laminar vents which provide high SPL while eliminating turbulence noise. This technology was implemented for the first time in 2007 in the SB28 subwoofer, and has been included in K1, K1-SB, K2, SB15m, SB18(i/m), and the X Series.



The X15 HiQ is the ultimate stage monitor: impressively powerful, yet melting into the stage with an ultra-sleek profile. Its active design and low-latency preset guarantee the best experience on stage. Its 40° x 60° beam-width focuses on the artist only, offering an excellent acoustic isolation from other performers. Able to take on even the most energetic of artists, the X15 HiQ is built to take abuse yet remain strong and flexible - its built-in risers allowing it to be angled at 35° or 55° onstage. At only 21 kgs / 46 lbs, the X15 HiQ is easy to rig or mount in any situation and will ensure minimum space and weight in trucks. A wide range of rigging accessories offers infinite install possibilities, including special narrow fill applications.

The X15 HiQ is set to become a staple of any stage and a favorite of all artists.

Top X15 HiQ clients include:
Adele World Tour 2016
Taratata television show - France
Terminal 5 - New York, NY
Festival Jazz à Juan - Juan-les-Pins, France

“I was very excited to try the new X15 HiQ. I use Eq sparingly, only applying it to individual source inputs and the X15 HiQ translates those sources beautifully, without needing additional filters. I configure the wedges in stereo, setting them back a bit from the artist and the X15 HiQ in this configuration gave me an extremely stable polar response across its operating bandwidth, and nice stereo imaging. Even at a distance, the vocals are smooth, not agressive yet still in your face, with plenty of gain before feedback. The X15 HiQ is a powerful and beautiful sounding wedge.”

Joe Campbell,
Monitor Engineer, Adele World Tour 2016

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