The Other Side Nightclub, Amsterdam



The Team

The Other Side Nightclub Gets Immersive with L-ISA

The Other Side is a dynamic nightclub in Amsterdam, housed in a building that was previously a bicycle workshop. This 900-capacity venue has quickly established itself as a prominent spot in European nightlife, distinguishing itself through a unique blend of historical charm and modern innovation. Besides functioning as a nightclub, it serves as a record label and an agency, representing DJs and producers. The multi-functional space is known for its vibrant atmosphere and commitment to fostering creativity and self-expression among artists. Owners Doeshka Vrede and Jasper Löwik, both of whom are producers, musicians, and artist managers, emphasize high-quality sound as the main product of the venue, ensuring that it’s not just a place to dance but a space where artistic talents can flourish and audiences can enjoy a truly unique auditory experience. It now stands at the forefront of European nightlife by being the first to adopt the L-ISA spatial audio system, transforming the venue into an immersive auditory landscape that captivates both performers and attendees with unparalleled sound experiences.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for The Other Side nightclub in Amsterdam was to distinguish itself within the competitive European nightlife market by offering an unparalleled auditory experience. This meant installing a sound system capable of delivering a comprehensive 360-degree immersive sound environment that attracted top-tier artists and deeply engaged the audience. The system had to be integrated seamlessly into the venue’s unique structure—a former bicycle workshop with distinct acoustic challenges—to ensure consistent audio clarity and distribution throughout the space. The goal was to transform the conventional nightclub experience into something extraordinary, leveraging innovative sound technology to elevate both performance and audience immersion.

The Solution

Netherlands-based Audio Solvation supplied a state-of-the-art L-ISA spatial audio setup designed for a 360-degree immersive experience. The main setup features A15 Focus and Wide speakers, strategically arranged for optimal sound coverage, complemented by nine X12 coaxial enclosures across the venue’s walls and five additional X12 overhead for complete surround sound. Bass is powerfully handled by two stacks of four KS21 subwoofers on either side of the stage, with X8 coaxials placed near the DJ booth for clear front-fill sound. This extensive system is powered and controlled by one LA7.16i and five LA4X amplified controllers, ensuring robust, consistent audio output. The L-ISA technology enables artists to manipulate spatial audio effects, offering both stereo and immersive sound options, enhancing the auditory experience and creative expression during performances.

The Result

Since its opening in November 2024, The Other Side has significantly impacted Amsterdam’s nightlife, creating a buzz around its state-of-the-art sound system. Artists and attendees alike have praised the venue for its innovative approach to sound, which has significantly enhanced the live performance environment. The success of this immersive sound system has set a new standard for nightclubs globally.

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L-ISA is amazing. It was crucial for us to be at the forefront of technology to bring new experiences to our audience and to have a high level of involvement from the artists who want to use it. L-ISA has been much more stable than other immersive technologies I’ve worked with, and we needed everything to work seamlessly. L-ISA does that.

Stefan Liem

Sound Engineer and Spatial Audio Expert, The Other Side Nightclub

Tech Brief

  • A15 Focus
  • A15 Wide
  • X12 Coaxial Enclosures
  • KS21 Subwoofers
  • X8

Main System

A15 Wide

A15 Focus