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Hï Ibiza Gets A Sound System That Keeps Everyone Dancing   

The latest addition to the Playa d’en Bossa resort wonderland is the state-of-the-art superclub Hï Ibiza by Ushuaïa Entertainment. Divided into two main rooms – the Theater and the Club – both showcasing impressive light shows, music, and a club set-up changing completely every night. The nightclub also has three open-air areas, lots of vegetation, unique VIP amenities, including private teepee tents, and even a DJ booth in the unisex restroom. Once occupied by Space Ibiza, Hï Ibiza received a massive modernization overhaul to take the club to the next level. Besides being one of the sleekest nightclubs in Ibiza, it also offers impressive residencies with some of the hottest names in electronic music. The new club nights explore all sides of the musical spectrum, including EDM, trance, disco, deep house, and techno. 

The Challenge

To “be the best club in the world” was the direction given by show production manager and designer Romain Pissenem. And to, indeed, be the best club in the world, it would need the world’s biggest DJs and the best show and sound production. Therefore Romain asked his sound system provider S-Group, to design a system that would complement the world-class DJs and provide a new dimension of sound to the Ibiza clubbing experience.  

The Solution

To fulfill this challenge, S-Group’s sound system design consultant Maxime Menelec designed a system utilizing a broad spectrum of the L-Acoustics product range. The dance floor implements the K Series K2 system, with additional outfills, infills, and Kara and X Series delays. 

For the dance floor system, Menelec’s design combines K2 full-range VCLS enclosures with the K1SB subwoofer in two main L/R flown arrays on either side of the stage. By combining the high output full-range bandwidth of K2 with the K1SB subwoofer, Menelec was able to design a full range main system with reinforced low-frequency contour all in the same flown line source. The flown main arrays are then supplemented with KS28 subwoofers to provide an infra-bass extension to the system.  

The Result

The high output sub-heavy main system was exactly what was needed to provide the DJs with the tools they required to deliver high energy music to the enthusiastic Ibiza crowd. The single source K2/K1SB combination provided excellent homogeneity between low-frequency and high-frequency sound, resulting in a highly accurate phase response and a balanced system contour. To the DJ, this means every bass note, snare drum, and high hat is delivered to the audience, in time and with the impact and definition expected of the best club in the world. 

Project photos

In my opinion, L-Acoustics is the best loudspeaker brand out there right now; it provides the best sound for Live Music and the best sound for electronic dance music. Every DJ we present at the club has L-Acoustics on their rider, and the world’s biggest DJs uniquely specify L-Acoustics for their DJ monitor systems. The epic dynamics and bass pressure from the system in Hi deliver exactly that world-class clubbing experience we wanted to achieve.

Romain Pissenem

Production Manager & Designer, Hï Ibiza

Tech Brief

  • Four Syva Low 
  • 24 K2 
  • Six X8
  • Four X12 
  • Six LA4X
  • Four LA-RAK II AVB
  • K1-SB 
  • KS28 

Main System


Syva Low