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K Series Delivers Unparalleled Concert Sound at the Super 818 Party Night

The Super 818 Party Night, an automobile exhibition and pop music fusion event held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo City, showcases an exemplary blend of technology and entertainment. Central to this event’s success was the impeccable audio experience provided by L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor Rightway Audio Consultants (Racpro), employing the renowned L-Acoustics K2 line-array system.  

The Challenge

The event presented a unique challenge with its innovative stage design: two separate performance areas surrounded by an oval track for a vehicle showcase, all within a spiral structure leading to a central platform for musical acts. The key challenge was to provide full-range sound coverage for the audience while navigating the complex stage layout and ensuring that the sound system remained unobtrusive to multiple broadcast camera sightlines.

The Solution

To address this, Racpro, in collaboration with D&S Stagecraft Engineering, implemented a sophisticated sound system design. They deployed seven hangs of eight K2 line arrays symmetrically around the 360-degree stage. This setup included five line arrays for the main audience area and two additional hangs of 10 K2 each as side fills on the stage. The placement of these hangs was meticulously planned to avoid interference with stage structures, lighting, and projection screens. Twenty-six KS28 L-Acoustics subwoofers were employed to enhance the low-frequency sound, while Kara boxes were used for on-stage monitoring.

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The Result

The audio solution executed by Racpro and D&S Stagecraft Engineering was highly successful. The L-Acoustics K2 system provided powerful and well-defined sound, creating a dynamic environment for both performers and the audience. The technical director, Zhou Fengxin, and all partners involved expressed satisfaction with the high level of technical quality achieved, showcasing the effectiveness of the L-Acoustics K2 in handling complex audio challenges in live event settings.

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All the partners involved and clients were pleased with the high level of technical quality achieved for this show.

Nan Hu

Marketing Director at Rightway Audio Consultants (Racpro)

Tech Brief

  • 76 K2
  • 26 KS28

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