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At the heart of the L-ACOUSTICS® integrated system approach, the LA4X and LA8 amplified controllers offer high performance loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network control and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package. On-board library presets have been developed for immediate use with a minimum of EQ correction, optimized system resources and a unique sonic signature for all systems, a particularly beneficial feature for complex installations.

Based upon similar platforms, the exceptional and groundbreaking performance level delivered by both the LA4X and LA8 allows for full optimization of all L-ACOUSTICS® system resources and delivers outstanding audio quality combined with the best possible transducer protection.

LA NETWORK MANAGER, with its intuitive user interface provides a high level of hands-on system control without sacrificing accurate and fast operation under real-world conditions. For fixed installation, external control of the amplified controllers is possible from AMX®, CRESTRON®, and EXTRON® panels.


Rental Benefits

  • High performance and dynamic range for live applications
  • LA-RAK universal drive platform for the Rental Network
  • Consistent performance between systems worldwide
  • Lightweight and compact package for easy storage and transportation
  • Advanced management of resources for protection and safe operation
  • Powerful and quick system tuning tools with presets and array morphing
  • Full digital signal chain with LA-AES3 AES/EBU input card
  • Maximized inventory flexibility with racks allocable to multiple systems
  • Green SMPS with PFC for high tolerance to unstable mains (LA4X)

Permanent Installation Benefits

  • EQ station capability
  • Real-time monitoring of system status via LA NETWORK MANAGER
  • High efficiency design (low power consumption and less heat in equipment room)
  • Compact and multi-channel design for higher amplifier density
  • External control options in a network environment (AMX® - CRESTRON® and EXTRON®)
  • Full digital signal chain with LA-AES3 AES/EBU input card

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