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The System Fundamentals day covers the SOUNDVISION Basics and Amplified controllers.
These two modules are prerequisites for attending a K System training day.

Three scenarios allow applicants to register for the K System day:

  1. Registration for the System Fundamentals day of the same seminar.
  2. Previous attendance at a System Fundamentals day.
  3. Previous attendance to the K System and SOUNDVISION Basics modules of the former training program (after January 2008).

If you have a specific request, please contact us.

Fee ex VAT
USA (Oxnard, CA)
in English
System Fundamentals18/Aug/2015$150Training full
KARA System19/Aug/2015$150Training full
FRANCE (Wimereux)
in French
System Fundamentals01/Sep/2015120Training full
KARA System02/Sep/2015120Training full
Line Source Optimization03/Sep/2015120Training full
UK (Liverpool)
in English
System Fundamentals22/Sep/2015125Training full
KARA System23/Sep/2015125
K2 System24/Sep/2015125
in Dutch
System Fundamentals23/Sep/2015125