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...comes from one source

2013 was a remarkable year. As well as providing sound for all of the usual major events, as we have done since the advent of the WST® line in 1992, L-ACOUSTICS®’ systems added their sonic signature to numerous installations in theatres, convention centers, sport arenas, houses of worship and amusement parks.

For all of these prestigious references, myself and the 250 staff of L-GROUP® would like to thank the world-wide community of users and our Certified Providers present in 60 countries for the trust and commitment they have shown in L-ACOUSTICS®.

While 2014 will mark the launch of our K2 system, amongst others during the Winter Olympic Games ceremonies in Sochi, we strongly continue to believe that this recognition mirrors a philosophy that we adopted 30 years ago - the permanent quest for innovation – a philosophy which is relayed today by teams whose objective is to provide you with rational, quick to deploy, powerful but intuitive tools. As ever since 1984, performance, right from power ignition, must be irreproachable, predictable, repeatable and all of this for many years, for the greater satisfaction of your customers.

Because the spectator remains the ultimate link in the audio chain. His/her enjoyment remains the objective of the technical teams who, at the other end of the chain and at the service of the creators and the artists who perform, represent the foundation of the success of our profession.

It is for this reason that more than just products, we want to intensify our efforts to improve training and the advice given to professionals with a range of services that are inseparable from our global system supply. Consultant, integrator, venue operator, owner, technician or engineer, we will be happy to accompany you in your projects for 2014.