xt & p series in The qatar cultural village Theatre and multipurpose hall
xt & p series in The qatar cultural village Theatre and multipurpose hall
xt & p series in The qatar cultural village Theatre and multipurpose hall
News | XT & P Series In The Qatar Cultural Village Theatre And Multipurpose Hall

Qatar is fast becoming a serious market for the A/V industry. One project that highlights the current drive for quality is the Qatar Cultural Village as James Ling Discovers.

The differing needs of each building within the complex ensured a different system design from Siemens – the main A/V contractor. But in the case of both the theatre and the multi-purpose hall, a large amount of L-ACOUSTICS and Sennheiser equipment was selected from Dubai-based distributor Venuetech, which supplied all the A/V equipment for the project.

Qatar Cultural Village’s theatre space is split into two halls. The first is for live performance and features a main audience space, plus boxes on three further levels that all needed to be covered by the audio system. The second is a cinema that required an appropriate sound system.

The main hall has ceiling-suspended L-R hangs of three L-ACOUSTICS ARCS with two SB118s per side ground stacked. Behind the screen there is an L-C-R formation of 115 XT HiQs with an SB118 placed between the L-C-R cabinets. Surround comes from 24 8XTs which are located in pairs around the seating area. Three LA4 amplified controllers are used to power the ARCS and accompanying subs whilst a further five are used for the rest of the system. The system also consists of a 12 L-ACOUSTICS 112P self-powered stage monitors for live performances.

The second hall in this complex is slightly more intricate with the system divided into different areas and functions. At FOH, the same L-R setup is used with three ARCS and two SB118s per side. These are powered by three LA4s.   Connected to this area by an Ashly ne24.24 is the system for the boxes, this consists of eight LA4s each powering four 8XTs. A second Yamaha desk controls the 12 112P self-powered stage monitors. The final part of the system is the cinema system. One LA4 powers the left and right 115 XT HiQs with a second used for the centre plus the 118 subs. Two further LA4s each control eight 8XTs.

For both halls L-ACOUSITCS’ LA Manager control software was relied upon heavily. This was used to position and align the sound system to ensure the whole of the hall received even coverage. “You can put everything in and manage the setup of all the speakers. All the speakers are managed within the two amplifier models.” Says Elie Khairallah, technical director at Venuetech, who sees this software as part of the whole L-ACOUSTICS system: “L-ACOUSTICS today doesn’t sell amps or speakers, they only sell systems, this software makes it more simple and easy to manage.”

One of the challenges faced here was a changing design for the live performance hall. ‘We had to add speakers to each of the boxes, and every speaker had its own processing and delay,’ explains Mr Khairallah. ‘It’s a mixture of many applications including cinema. You are in a small room and don’t have the coverage of a cinema system, so you have a mono distribution from the matrix to provide a certain fill to the room,’ he continues. ‘This speaker will aid various applications, whether it’s cinema or theatre, it’s about making the hall more flexible.’

Built on a single level, the multi-purpose amphitheatre needed a system that could cope with a range of demands from live music to lectures as well as providing a cinema facility. The large system consists of two L-R hangs of three L-ACOUSTICS ARCS speakers with four SB118 subs and 12 112P self-powered stage monitors.

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Issue September – October 2010
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