Parallelle Utilizes L-ISA Spatial Audio for Immersive Live Sound Parallelle Utilizes L-ISA Spatial Audio for Immersive Live Sound...

Parallelle, the innovative duo known for their unique approach to music, is taking the world by storm with their latest spatial audio project. By recording sounds from cities across the Asia Pacific and transforming them into electrifying club tracks, Parallelle is creating an unparalleled musical experience. Utilizing the state-of-the-art L-Acoustics L-ISA system, Parallelle delivered an unforgettable performance at the Wonderfruit Festival.

Capturing the Essence of Cities Through Sound

Parallelle’s journey begins in the bustling streets of various Asia Pacific cities. By capturing each location’s ambient sounds and unique cultural elements, they infuse their tracks with a rich tapestry of auditory textures. This method preserves the essence of each city and brings a fresh and diverse range of sounds to the club scene.

The Magic of the L-Acoustics L-ISA System

The secret behind Parallelle’s mesmerizing performances lies in the L-Acoustics L-ISA system. It routes all audio channels to create a 3D sound experience, enabling spatial audio and immersive live soundscapes. The result is a dynamic auditory experience that envelops the audience, making them feel like they are part of the music.

From Amsterdam to the Wonderfruit Festival

Parallelle’s journey with the L-ISA system began in Amsterdam, where they first showcased their innovative soundscapes. Since then, they have performed in various venues, each time refining their craft and pushing the boundaries of live sound. Their collaboration with musician NWA for a closing track adds a new layer of depth to their performances, blending diverse musical influences into a cohesive and powerful set.

A Highlight of Wonderfruit Festival

The Wonderfruit Festival, held on the Polygon stage, is a significant milestone for Parallelle. L-ISA allowed them to connect with a broader audience and demonstrate the full potential of their unique sound. The festival’s emphasis on creativity and innovation aligns perfectly with Parallelle’s vision. It was an ideal setting for their groundbreaking immersive performance.

Spatial audio at the Wonderfruit Festival in Pattaya, Thailand.

The Intersection of Music, Technology, and Culture

By using spatial audio and immersive live sound in their shows, Parallelle redefines the live music experience. They’re creating an intersection between music, technology, and culture. Their work highlights the power of sound in creating engaging and memorable experiences, demonstrating how technology can enhance artistic expression.

Looking Forward with Spatial Audio

As Parallelle continues to explore new frontiers in music, their performance at the Wonderfruit Festival was a defining moment. With their innovative use of the L-Acoustics L-ISA system and their unique approach to capturing the essence of cities through sound, they push the boundaries of what is possible in music.

Without leaving your seat, watch the video to see how Parallelle utilizes L-ISA to create spatial audio.


What is L-ISA? Can I use it to create spatial audio?

  • Yes, you can! In short, L-ISA is a spatial audio technology that enables precise placement and movement of sound sources within an auditorium. It allows you to create 3D soundscapes, enhancing the audience’s experience by enveloping them in sound.

How does L-ISA work?

  • L-ISA involves creating audio objects (sound sources) from stems or tracks in your music. Using L-ISA software, these objects can be independently positioned and animated in space.
  • An L-ISA Processor (physical or virtual) maps these audio objects to a physical speaker array, delivering the spatial mix you’ve designed.

What software do I need to use L-ISA?

  • L-ISA works seamlessly with DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) like Ableton Live. You’ll need the L-ISA plug-ins for your DAW to create and manipulate audio objects.
  • The L-ISA Controller integrates information for audio objects, speaker setups, and monitoring options.

How do I create spatial audio mixes with L-ISA?

  • Stem your tracks into granular components (e.g., kick, percussion, bass, synths).
  • Add metadata to each audio object, specifying panning, elevation, and effects (such as dynamic reverbs).
  • Use snapshots or automation to change these parameters over time.

What kind of venues can benefit from L-ISA?

  • L-ISA is suitable for various venues, from small theaters to large concert halls. It enhances the audience experience by providing an immersive sound field.

Is L-ISA accessible to independent artists?

  • Yes! L-ISA is becoming more accessible. You can explore spatial audio for your live shows even if you’re not a major artist.

L-ISA opens up exciting possibilities to create spatial audio for captivating live performances. Whether you’re an artist, sound engineer, or music creator, it’s worth exploring this technology to elevate your sound mix.