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A Light at the End of the Tunnel

When live events came to an abrupt halt as the pandemic crawled across the globe like a sinewy sickly spider, the devastation to the industry was shattering. Sports stadiums, touring venues, and entertainment centers of varying sizes sat in deafening silence, devoid of the usual fanfare, cacophony, and action they so frequently indulged: frozen in time like architectural husks of joyous events from yesteryear. 

However, after 14 months of live event entertainment silence, the release of various vaccines has allowed COVID numbers to drop and countries to relax their “stay at home” regulations, and in some cases, mask mandates. 

Conducted by Headliner USA, in an interview with Alan Macpherson, CEO of L-Acoustics Americas, we receive a glimpse into the effects the pandemic has had on the industry, yet, Macpherson offers Headliner some unique insights from the field and explains to us why he believes there is genuine hope for a return to live events – and to see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

“We think that the touring and production side of the business is very resilient and will return in a big way, starting this year and then booming in 2022,” Macpherson comments. “At L-Acoustics, we plan to come out of this year-long, dark pandemic tunnel, ready to assert our leadership position in touring and production, and with a reinforced position of strength in the installation and vertical markets. We have been fortunate to keep our team together, and we’re ready to enter the sunshine we see so clearly at the end of the tunnel. Put on your sunglasses!”

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