FOH Engineer Spotlight: Elevating Live Sound with Joshua Cooper FOH Engineer Spotlight: Elevating Live Sound with Joshua Cooper...

Joshua Cooper, a renowned Systems Technician at Nomad Sound Inc., has gone from coiling his first XLR at eight years old to elevating the live sound industry today. In his early days, he assisted his father at church. Now, he’s deploying state-of-the-art concert sound systems for thousands at the Whiskey Myers tour. Joshua shares his story of live audio experiences and why having a high-quality concert sound system is critical.

Early Beginnings and the Shift to Pro Sound

“I started young, helping my dad at churches in Knoxville, TN. I was about eight when I coiled my first XLR. My curiosity for sound grew as I explored EQ and dynamics,” Joshua reminisces about his early introduction to live sound. When he worked alongside multi-instrumentalist Will Carter, he gained invaluable insights into the industry and honed his skills in audio engineering.

The Leap to Nomad Sound and Mastering Concert Sound Systems

Transitioning to a full-time role in audio engineering was a pivotal moment for Joshua. “Working at a one-stop shop in Tennessee, I mastered the basics of event production. This experience was crucial in shaping my skills in live sound,” he explains. Now, with Nomad Sound in Austin, TX, Joshua finds fulfillment in his career, surrounded by a team that shares his commitment to excellence in live sound.

Experiencing the Power of L-Acoustics 

His first encounter with an L-Acoustics system was a game-changer. “The first K2 rig I heard was at the Tennessee Theater. It was a revelation compared to the house system,” he shares. 

The Whiskey Myers Tour and the Role of a Systems Technician

“Working with Nomad and the L-Acoustics ecosystem prepared me for this tour. It was a fantastic opportunity to apply my skills on a large scale,” Cooper reflects. He detailed the nightly setup, emphasizing the importance of precision and adaptability in deploying the concert sound system to ensure every attendee experiences the perfect blend of clarity and power in the performance.

Elevating Live Sound

For Joshua, the key to a superior concert sound system lies in its versatility and the ability to maintain tonal balance across various venues. “With the K2 system, we never had to compromise. It’s about delivering the artist’s mix exactly as intended to every seat in the house,” he states.

Advice to Aspiring Sound Engineers

Joshua offers sage advice to those aspiring to make their mark in the live sound industry. “Understand the fundamentals of sound and always be open to learning. The technology evolves, but the goal of connecting the artist to the audience remains constant.”