Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation: L-Acoustics Co-CEOs Discuss the Future of Live Sound Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation: L-Acoustics Co-CEOs Discuss the Future of Li...

In a recent exclusive interview with Headliner, our co-CEOs, Laurent Vaissié and Hervé Guillaume, delve into L-Acoustics’ illustrious 40-year history, the unique dynamics of our dual leadership, and the future of live sound. This insightful conversation offers a glimpse into how L-Acoustics has become a leader in the pro audio industry.

The Live Sound Journey

Reflecting on our journey, Laurent Vaissié highlights the innovative spirit that has driven us forward: “Christian started the company in a farm in France 40 years ago. Today we are 850 employees. Looking back, it’s been a journey of growth and innovation based on performance and focused on people.” This dedication to innovation is evident in our pioneering work with line array speakers, which revolutionized the industry with the V-DOSC system.

Hervé Guillaume shares the collaborative approach that has been crucial to L-Acoustics’ success. He emphasizes, “We thought two people working together was far stronger than two individuals.” This philosophy extends to L-Acoustics’ vision for the future. A future where we foresee a continued focus on live sound and the evolving demands of the market.

Sustainability and Education

The interview illuminates L-Acoustics’ commitment to sustainability and education. Laurent notes, “We are spending a lot of time and effort on developing educational resources. Things like education platforms, online training, authorized training centers. Education is a big focus for us.” This focus ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and industry standards.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the potential of new products and technologies. The recent introduction of the L Series is poised to create a significant impact, akin to the paradigm shift brought about by the V-DOSC line array speakers. This dedication to innovation and quality positions L-Acoustics to continue leading the way in live sound.

To read or listen to the full interview, visit Headliner to read the story and listen to the podcast.